Smokey has arrived safe & sound on PlanetPluto & wishes me to convey this good news to my AuntieKat & all his family & BFFs here on Smokey says he’s been plenty  busy since his arrival settling in & getting readjusted to PlanetPluto. Meeting all his old K9 Buds & making new acquaintances.
Smokey says be sure & tell everyone he misses them. His time here on was made so very safe, happy & comfortable by his wonderful BFFs. He’ll be looking down from way up there with warmth & affection.
Smokey was a good dog & knew his purpose. Smokey was an excellent Role Model during my days at PetSmart University where my AuntieKat was the Instructor & Smokey the very best Teacher’s Aide. Thanks Smokey for showing me the ropes.
Take care up there Smokey. Say hi to all my BFFs that already returned to PlanetPluto. Thanks for the Good News.
palK9 OTJ
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