On this sad day in our history, when America was attacked, 3000 humans perished, iconic structures fell & our seat of military might was imperilled, it was good & hopeful to celebrate some Hometown Heroes.
I refer to, of course, the young men who were minding their own bidness, traveling on a train bound for Paris, that’s in France which is all the way across the pond, stopped at terrorist attack that could have cost many lives & terrible destruction. 
Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone are local men, from right here in My Valley. The were honored today with a Hometown Heroes Parade and festivities ending at the Capitol building of the Great State of CA. There were other festivities here in My Valley & the young men were duly honored. 
They have received other honors since this terrible attack in the HM of August, which is not ancient history yet. They got to meet the President of France who presented them with the Legion of Honor Medal for stopping the disaster that could have been in his country. They have been on Late Night TV & early morning TV. The Mayor & other dignitaries gave speeches. There was music & all the fun & festivities that come along with a parade. Lots of people turned out. 1 of our Heroes, not sure which but possibly Sadler bc he’s a student at our Great State University here in My Valley, will be a competitor on DWTS. What an honor. 
The Hometown Heroes Parade & celebration was co-ordinated by our Mayor’s Office, the Gov.’s Office, the CA Legislature (even they could come together for something positive), the USAF & the National Guard. It was a big parade with lots of celebrants cheering our Hometown Heroes onward.
& it was a good time to reflect upon & commemorate the victims of that awful tragedy that was 9/11/01. Another time when America pulled together to overcome terrible adversity & tragedy. Good job, young men. This Valley & our Great State are proud to call you Native Sons. You are America’s Finest.
palK9 OTJ
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