For alla you Naysayers & Doubting Thomases out there, News Alert – Planet Pluto IS a planet. Well – duh! Not news to K9 Nation. We knew all along where we come from, where our roots lie. But now you have it from UNimpeachable sources. PlanetPluto IS a planet. 
It only required the sum total of human ingenuity & scientific knowledge, $700M,  9 HYs & 3B miles to reveal with this historic flyby of New Horizons spacecraft to show what we, here at Todo Chronicles & K9 Nation, already know. 
But, Opal K9, you say, where’s the evidence of K9 existence that should surely be revealed with such close up images, such extravagant investment in $, time & human talent? Where’s the evidence? & we, here at Todo Chronicles, speaking for K9 Nation, respond, we don’t leave the same footprint, carbon or otherwise, that humans do on So, of course, K9 habitation is not obvious to the untrained eyeball. But we, here at Todo Chronicles, again speaking for K9 Nation, know & believe that PlanetPluto is indeed a planet & we’re all headed back there when our time here on is through. Our time for guiding & assisting our human counterparts here on is completed. 
So now, in typically human fashion, they’ve decided to diminish the stature of PlanetPluto by calling it a Dwarf. Well, & again I speak for Todo Chronicles & K9 Nation, phooey on human name calling anyway. Just because PlanetPluto moves about the solar system in ways individual & unique, unanticipated by computer modeling or human guestimation, does not mean PlanetPluto is not a planet. & just because it’s small in size & stature doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve full recognition in the big scheme of things.
Besides, PlanetPluto has some pretty heavy responsibilities out there at the very edge of the solar system, keeping a lotta things in order & organized. Guiding & assisting a whole Solar System in a remote fashion. Keeping a lotta balls in the air, if you will.
So humans, deal with it. It’s official. PlanetPluto is a planet. 

palK9 OTJ

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