Ya know. we here at Todo Chronicles, know y’all think dogs of every color & stripe are just dumb animals. Just waiting around to do our Master’s bidding. Maybe y’all think some dogs are smarter than others. & perhaps more sophisticated or civilized.

But, fact check here please. But, we, here at Todo Chronicles, cannot verify 1 single solitary instance where 1 dog viciously attacked & slaughtered another dog without human command or provocation. Just because the 1st dog didn’t like the color of another dog’s fur or because the shape of the attacked dog’s body is different or unusual or some other reason. No Self-Respecting Offspring of Great Todo would commit such an atrocity. Not even the so-called Lone Wolf (4 legged kind) would would stoop to such a barbarity. Just not happening.

We, here at Todo Chronicles, would like to take this opportunity to suggest that humans take a good long look at themselves. Perhaps y’all aren’t the Top of the Food Chain, Last Word in Creation. There’s still some fine-tuning left to do.

Just a Dog is Just sayin’ . . .


OpalK9 OTJ

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