Our apologies. We, here at Todo Chronicles, have not been absent & derelict in our duties due to any lack of motivation or interest on our part. But rather we, here at Todo Chronicles have been away from our chronicling duties for nearly a HM due to a series of unanticipated events.

First on our list of unanticipated events was that I had another date with my new BFF (Boy Friend Forever) Wink. Love of my life. OK. Call me Cougar. Wink’s a little on the young side for a mature bitch of accomplishment such as myself. But we have sooo much in common. 1st of all our companions are becoming fast BFFs (in the original sense of the term). So Mymi & 211Kristen like to walk us together. So fun to team up with Wink & point him in the proper direction so he could dive into the tall grasses for the bunny I flushed out with my superior sniffing skills. Wink’s long legs permit him to run pretty fast tho bunnies still seem to elude him.

Then I was just day dreaming of more walkies in the wetlands with Wink when I was whisked off to MySpa & Resort. For an exceptionally long stay (IMHO). Mymi & Golfernut were flying off to vacay in VA, home of our Founding Fathers. They were gonna meet UncaT & AuntieTeach there & seek out my family’s roots & origins here in America. & play some golf.

Well I woulda liked to go along. I gotta dog in this race too ya know. But far far too many human vacay rentals frown upon pets accompanying their companions. I woulda loved to tour the old family Township in SW VA or the family estates & plantations which haven’t actually been in the family since a Family Founding Father explored that American Way of Life . . . Overextending Oneself in the Financial Arena. Oh well. Guess that’s why this country got settled. Hadda move beyond the Repo Man.

They took pix of the City sign. The family Marble Garden. The Family Plantation & Horse Hang Out. Present owners having to sell bc they took too many spills offa their horses permitted a grand tour of the place by the present Lady of the House. A fine & gracious hostess. They also attempted to tour the even older family Farm which is still a working farm to fork farm supplying meat & produce to the Inn in town where my folks had a healthy & nutritious lunch. But they got turned away from seeing that homestead by some not so friendly cows with mean looking horns.

So while they all are frolicking back in VA, I’m here at home, hanging out with my buds at MySpa & Resort. I thought I was gonna go home 1 day bc I got all shampooed & blow dried. Fluffed up & fancy & then . . . nada. No one came to get me. Til late the next day. Late in the day. Ya gotta know all this unsettlement & upset makes me pretty nervous at my advanced age. I was looking forward to getting home & getting nice & settled again. But when we got home, there wasn’t home there. At least not sos I could recognize it.

My domain with my mat was all filled up with junk & stuff. Nothing smells right. Nothing looks right. Mymi says it’s OK. It’s just a Home Makeover. But you know, ya gotta check it all out for yourself. So I spent hours familiarizing myself. Then I could rest a little easy. The next day, bright & early workers showed up & began banging & pounding. & emitting noxious smells. & laying down dirty cloth all over everywhere. & making so much racket & noise, there was just nowhere for a dog, at loose ends anyway to go. & Mymi hadda go on shopping expeditions & tours with our Interior Designer Patty. So she was gone. Very unsettling.

This went on all HW. But finally I figured out it’s best to make friends with the workers & then find a hidey-hole. So now they are cleared out & only a little bit more work is needed to complete phase 1. I can’t WAIT for phase 2. (Not!)

Yesterday Mymi promised me another date with Wink. I was soooo looking forward to our Teamwork flushing out more bunnies & squirrels & running free through the wetland. But we went to an Urban Park for Doggie Dash. Well I gotta see Wink for about like a minute. Then Wink hadda guide & accompany 211Bob on the 5KRun. I guess 211Bob didn’t know the way very well & needed Wink’s assistance. Me n Mymi & 211Kristen did the 3KWalk around a pond & everything. But as I was on a leash (todolly against our standard practices) I couldn’t even adequately sniff out & assess the situation around the pond. & now way was there any swimming in the todolly tame & tepid pond. Ah Wink. When will I see you again?

I don’t know when things will eVer get back to Normal. Or is this the New Normal . . . Nothing Normal at all & prolly gonna stay that way. The more things change . . . the more they change. OpalK9 OTJ

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