In my family there are several Meaningful Maydays. For instance:
*:) happy Little BabyMak was whelped on the very 1st day of this month, 3 HY ago.
*O:-) angel GrannyJenny was whelped on the 2nd day of May. She’s BabyMak’s GreatGrandDam
*>:D< big hug I, myself, was whelped on the 4th day of this very HM. I have thus far achieved 11 HY which makes me quite Senior in K9Y
*:)) laughing My UncaT was whelped on the day following. He's BabyMak's Grand Sire. He's pretty senior in HY. *;) winking
*:-h wave Of course there's Memorial Day at the very end of this HM. That's where our country stops to give thanks to all the Veterans living & passed who served our country so courageously. Like GrandSire & all our Black Hawks BFFs.

But the very most special day of this HM is the special day just past, Mothers Day, the special day set aside in the busy fast paced lives of our citizenry to honor & thank the Dams, GrandDams, Aunties, Female Litter Mates (humans call sisters & sistahs) & those other caregivers that make our lives easier. We, here at Todo Chronicles, hope all the Mothers, Mother Figures & Caregivers had a very fine & happy Mothers Day, full of fun, family & friends.
People often ask me, OpalK9 (they address me not as founder, editor, reporter & publisher of Todo Chronicles but as a regular Bitch) OpalK9, are you Pro-Choice? So I must respond from personal experience.

My earliest memories are as a Litter Machine in a Puppy Mill. I do not recall off-paw how many litters or pups I actually produced in my 1st career. I never got to know the Studs. It was just like . . . Wham. Bam. Thank you Dam. I never got time to properly name & nurture my pups before the were ripped from me. Those pups that were created for human experimentation, convenience & profit. If it were my choice, I would have given them proper O-names. Olivia, Oliver. Onnix. Othello. Ophelia. Oscar. No. Wait. Oscar. Are you that Blue Dog that lives in a garbage can? Nice disguise Dude. Olga. Octavia. Om. Orlando.

If it were my choice I would have spaced my litters so I could properly care for & nurture each pup. If it were my choice, I woulda known you can't just mix & match breeds of disparate heritages to create the perfect dog for human purposes. Every dog knows oil & water don't mix . . . they just . . . Frack. I guess it's OK for humans to toss experiments gone awry into the trash. But it's NOT OK with us dogs & I don't know what became of my beloved AussieDoodles.

But then somewhere in my 2nd HY I got rescued by my AuntieKim. Fostered by my Mama & Papa. & they facilitated me n' Mymi adopting each other. So there's another Class of Nurturers & Caregivers that should be thanked & appreciated on Mothers Day, Rescuers of Lost, Abused & Abandoned Animals.

But, in answer to the question, I am definitely & 100% Pro-Choice. Pro. My Choice. We, here at Todo Chronicles, believe we can speak for K9 Nation on this issue. We are opposed to humans playing Great Todo, deciding a dog's fate for us. We Sit & Stay squarely in the Pro-Choice corner. Pro- Our Choice.
OpalK9 OTJ

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