*:) Extended Political Campaigns: Is it just us, here at Todo Chronicles, or did we just barely get over 1 election season & another is starting up already. Time really does fly. Here we, here at Todo Chronicles thought Presidential elections were every 4 years. Already there’s something like 20 candidates declared for President in HY2016!

That just extends the season for candidates & parties, special interests & normally disinterested voters to sling bad words & mud around. To point fingers & lay blame for past disasters & failures. Call each other bad names. Imply that masses of voters are ignorant of bad behavior of the Political Establishment & other Oligarchs. It just all gets so ugly so quickly. & it goes on & on.

The good news about long election cycles is that it creates jobs for Oppo Researchers, Muck Rakers, Media Analysts & TV sponsors. I wonder when those $Bs are going to trickle down to the local communities.

*:| Potential Voter Suppression: We here at Todo Chronicles, have been advocating for HYs & HYs now for the K9 Vote. Us K9s are as alert & aware of our surroundings & what’s goin’ on in high places that affect our daily lives as many apathetic voters & irresponsible citizens who don’t even bother to vote & have a say. But we, here at Todo Chronicles, doubt that the Franchise will be extended our directions in our lifetime. Oh yah! We know Bo Bama did what he could to advocate in the White House for K9 Franchise but, face it Bo. Cards are stacked against us now & in the foreseeable future.

Humans believe they are the Top of the Food Chain. Highest Form of Intelligence & should therefore, run & they believe the most efficient, equal & effective to run said planet is like a bidness. They retain all the control & decide for all other critters. Well, IOHO, they aren’t doing a very good job of running things. Perhaps it’s time to rebel & revolt. Express our anger & frustration at not having a say in things. Choices & options . . . token & hollow words.

B-( Climate Deniers: It is so difficult for we, here at Todo Chronicles, to admit this, but my State, the Great State of CA has denied the reality of drought for so long we almost won the Race to the Bottom. Bottom of the well that is. Elected Officials, H20 Officials & Mainstream Media have been watching the state go dry, making merry predictions of rain, doing the Rain Dance & all the while denying that the State is drying up. Claiming that H20 conservation would hurt the state’s economic recovery. Well the state going dry ain’t gonna help the economic recovery 1 little bit.

In addition to the dams & reservoirs, creeks & streams going dry, we have a snow pack somewhere around 10% of normal. A hot dry summer should take care of that. Did you know that there are communities in the Big Valley where the wells are dry. People are leaving their homes bc there is no water to be had. I wonder if they are migrating back to OK. A Reverse Dust Bowl.

Science & common sense were ignored. I mean how could humans convince themselves to that it’s OK to keep on keepin’ on when rainless years were becoming drought cycles. The drought cycles coming at a faster pace. That it’s OK to keep drawing down the ground water. What did they think would replace that water if it ain’t gonna rain no more? & why is it OK to keep expanding & growing when water supply is drying up? Not to mention FRACKING! Pumping fresh water full of chemicals to force it down into the earth in order to extract OIL? I mean which is more important to sustaining life? Oil or Water.

I know those seem like really dumb questions. But it just goes to illustrate. Maybe humans aren’t Top of the Food Chain. & maybe the time for the K9 vote has come. It really todolly Peeves Us Off, here at Todo Chronicles, that we have to keep hounding & barking on these issues.
OpalK9 OTJ

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