Yesterday being yet another warming & relentlessly sunny day, me n Mymi couldn’t decide whether to Walkies over to the Pond to deliver our most recent Nat Geo to the GrandSire Memorial Nat Geo Library there at the Pond or Walkies to the store to purchase peanut butter, a staple flavor in our domain. We opted for the Pond.
We waved as we passed by our friends Paul & MaggsKay9 at the park. We usually see them at the small park in the opposite direction. But I guess we all need a change of pace.

We arrived at the Pond & exchanged pleasantries with the young lady at the front desk that used to be manned by Bonnie. She made prizes for the parties at the Pond but she retired. GrandSire won a glass Santa filled with marshmallows.

We also exchanged pleasantries with the Diva of the Pond. A very dramatic appearing lady who uses a rolling chair to motate. She remembered GrandSire fondly. She knows me & remembered my name is a gem, which I would have to agree with her. She doesn’t let the rolling chair stop her from looking lovely & stylish . . . for a human of a certain age.

Then we proceeded on our way to the Big Community Park & Middle School where we always Walkies. Often we meetup with JanThurs & Daisy Duke Dog. Yesterday, however, they were not present.

But we made new friends. Cecil & AJ were visiting from another neighborhood, not our immediate neighborhood. Cecil B. Pooch is of Noble Character & Breeding being a Jack Beagle, that is a Jack Russell Terrier & Beagle. Cecil loves to run & chase a ball almost a large as he is. The ball has holes so he can sink teeth into the situation & carry it to a far corner of the park & then go about his exploration. Until he tires of that & retrieves the ball & carries it back to AJ for another toss.

Cecil n me, we said our howdy-dos & went about our bidness. I like to sniff out & investigate recent park visitors. I like to roll in the shady thick grass under trees. I like to run & chase butterflies, should any be out there. Cecil just likes to run & run.

Mymi & AJ struck up a lengthy conversation discussing the wonders of K9s. & why wouldn’t they considering their companions of the day? AJ related to Mymi a story about an Informal Dog Park in their neighborhood. I mean, there are Dog Parks in the area. Me n Mymi used to go to one but it was a long ways away & we hadda get in the car to get there. I really loved the H20 feature but they hadda do away with it. Not bc of drought bc that was a long time ago in the Pre-Drought Era. Word was it became poison for dogs to swim in & drink bc it was reclaimed water & it became toxic with poisons spread about to control pests of many natures.

So anyway, at this Informal Dog Park, there is an Unofficial Mayor. He doesn’t allow the Unofficiousness of his office stand in the way of patrolling the park. If he spies any human allowing Poop to go unattend & cleaned up, he promptly reminds the human companion of his/her responsibilities. Patrons of the park also contribute plastic grocery bags, which are going out of style in CA, but as I previously observed, they do have their re-uses. Patrons also contribute shovels to re-cover holes any enterprising dog may dig to uncover treasure like, for instance, bones. AJ relates that it’s just the neighborly & right thing to do. We couldn’t agree more.

Upon departure, AJ declared, Good-bye My Beautiful Sistahs. Have a blessed day. What a beautiful morning encounter.
OpalK9 OTJ

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