I just had the todolly most awesomely funnest day eVer! In a long time.

Gotta admit. At 1st I was somewhat skeptical when Mymi said . . . Jump in the car OpalK9. We’re going for a ride.

BC usually We’re going for a ride is code for you’re going to your Spa & Resort. Not that I have anything against MySpa & Resort. They’re good peeps & they know how to treat a Senior Dog right. But it ain’t Home.

So yeah! I was skeptical. But I did finally got into the car & off we went to a big, big park a short ride from our Domain. In this instance it’s known as a Habitat Restoration Area, whatever that means. I’m guessing it means that it’s Big. Room enough for all critters that go there to run around & sniff & enjoy the Great Outdoors.

At the Habitat Restoration Area, we met Mymi’s friend, 211Kristen. She’s Wink’s mama. Wink is a Princely Poodle of Noble & Standard stature & heritage. White color & markings. Wink is all Poodle. He loves the Great Outdoors.

Did you know Poodles were originally bred as duck retrievers & those goofy poofy bouffant coat stylings are actually helpful to Poodles when doing what they’re bred to do. Wink, however, was not coiffed in such a manner.

Wink loves to run so Me n Wink, we took off for the stream that runs thru the wetlands for miles & miles. Mymi & 211Kristen just walked & talked along the pathways. But Me & Wink we had ourselves a great time running & chasing. There were ducks & squirrels, rabbits & other birds. White birds with long thin necks. & gray 1s too. Critters I couldn’t identify as I’ve been outta the loop for a time.

There remains some water in the creek so, of course, I hadda make use of the mud bath. Get right down in it. Roll around. Get the scent & ambiance of the locale so I could remember it fondly.

Wink showed me lots of good stuff. Wink is a good deal bigger than me so he could out run me sometimes. But I showed him a thing or 2 when I did a Jump & Run & spied a rabbit while Wink was down on the stream bed just chasing around trying to find another critter to play with.

We had a Blast. Wink is a todolly Cool & Stand Up sorta fellow. Mymi n 211Kristen agreed to meetup again real soon. I hope so. It was so Fun. Funnest Day eVer in a long time.
OpalK9 OTJ

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