Dear Gov. Moonbeam;
S’cuse me for bothering you again, but we, here at Todo Chronicles, todolly didn’t know about the situation discussed in the link below when we contacted you last HW regarding budgets & the current Droughtful Situation our state, the Great State of CA is suffering.

How. Could. You? Gov. Moonbeam. Permit Sweet Heart Deals such as that described in the link below to continue at the expense of the rest of this state which you are supposed to be Stewarding through an Unanticipated & Impending Total Disaster.

We all gotta do our part. Selling zillions of gallons of H20 to large corporations for next to $0 & then said corporation selling it back to us for large profit is just . . . UNACCEPTABLE. & selling fresh water to Big Oil so that they can pump if full of toxics & push it into the ground to extract dirty oil is just . . . CRAZY.

Meanwhile, We, the Expendable Citizens, gotta live on buckets/day. Not water lawns. Etc. I mean pretty soon humans will need Us dogs to lick them clean bc there’s no water to shower.

We, here at Todo Chronicles, would encourage you to re-examine the Great State of CA’s budget priorities. Reassess the budget situation in light of the fact that we’ll be outta water in another year. There’s no time to build your stupid tunnels even if they were good ideas. Why don’tcha figure out how to build a water pipeline east to west bc My UncaT & AuntieTeach are overburdened with snow back there in the East. They got Snow Farms filled to capacity with snow. & when it melts it’s all gonna go into the oceans causing them to rise faster. Water pipes would be a Hellova lot safer & cleaner than KXLs & bomb trains running thru our cities.

Come on, Mr. Gov. Put your Thinking Cap on. You don’t even deserve to be called Gov. Moonbeam anymore.

OpalK9 OTJ for

Yr Disgruntled K9 Constituents

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