Dear Gov. Moonbeam:

As you know I am usually a big Fan & Supporter of My State, The Great State of CA. IMHO good ideas start in CA & drift eastward. Happens alla the time. But I dunno. This droughtful situation we are experiencing presently, well the Great State of CA was pretty slow in grasping the Concept of Water Conservation.

So I gotta tell you, it just Blows My Mind that the State is just now addressing this droughtful situation by directing a large amount of funding for Flood Control. Dear Gov. Moonbeam, it hasn’t rained in any appreciable amounts, amounts sufficient to fill our dams & reservoirs in 4 years!. Same dams & reservoirs are down, way down below 50% capacity. & + the Ground Water situation is equally as dire. Not to mention, Snow Pack is gone, baby, gone. That’s where 1/3 of our H20 comes from. What’s to flood?

We got driy lake beds. We got parched river & stream beds. We got fallow crop fields. Why oh why are we considering flood control. I mean I understand that funding may already have been allocated for flood control. But come on, Gov. Times change. Weather patterns change. Resources dry up. We gotta get lighter on our feet. Keep up with the times. & admit Global Climate Change is real & it’s drying up CA, not to mention, & to a slightly lesser extent, the West. Face it Gov. Global Climate Change requires a rethinking of funding & resource allocation. Conservation & adjustment.

I know. I know. I’m Just A Dog. But us K9s & other critters need water to live just like human. So we, here at Todo Chronicles, think we’re entitled to some say in the situation. Of course, we believe we K9s are good citizens & know as much of what’s going on as many, or maybe most, humans, who tend toward willful ignorance in situations that are outside their comfort zone. But that’s an issue for another day. Just sayin’.

Some of Us in the Critterverse suspect that this might be a ploy to get the Tunnels started. & we definitely oppose the Tunnels. #StopTheTunnels. #SaveThe Delta. Plans & data for the Tunnels Under the Delta are based on obsolete data assuming weather patterns will remain the same as the last 100 HY, which is a pretty short span in Geologic Time to base your plans on. Even us Dogs understand that. So we don’t necessarily need flood control anymore even if the Tunnels were well advised. But they are not.

Why don’tcha redirect that money toward H20 Conservation. Like cover irrigation canals. Like drip irrigation on drought tolerant landscaping. Low water use plumbing in residential & commercial construction. Retrofit every existing structure with low water use plumbing. Like appropriate H20 conserving irrigation for our crops & orchards. Like restricting Urban Sprawl. It’s not that hard. We gotta catch up & jump into the 21st Century. & + alla this will create jobs, especially for people who lost a job due to the drought. It ain’t that hard to figure out!

Come on Gov. Moonbeam. CA is always at the forefront of innovation. Sometimes bc we hadda be or bc Left Coast Liberalism opens up minds to innovation. We gotta take this bull by the horns. Just get out ahead of this Droughtful Situation before it becomes a reverse Dust Bowl. & guess what . . . there’s nowhere to migrate to anymore.

Just sayin’.

OpalK9 OTJ

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