In MyNeighborhood it is just considered Good Form & Polite to properly dispose of waste, trash & litter. There are trash cans & Proper Containers located in parks for just such purposes.

We went for Walkies the other day to the Little Park nearest our Domain. We met up with a Granny. She was playing Swings with her little GrandPups. Male & Female. They were having fun. Granny pushed them on the Swings. They jumped off & ran around the Play Area. They giggled & laughed as only human young can do.

We said Hello & a Pleasant Good Day to Granny. She replied likewise. At which point, Granny asked politely, Do you have any extra plastic bags?

This caused some extended conversation at whereupon Granny explained that there was some unpleasant human waste left on the picnic bench & table.

We immediately offered a couple of plastic bags we carry around for such purposes, usually K9 Poop. But often we pick up litter & other waste people accidently (I’m sure) leave behind. Granny was particularly upset that anyone could be so rude & thoughtless as to leave Barf & an Unauthorized Beverage Container in the Park for someone else to clean up so that others could use the picnic bench on that lovely & relentlessly sunny CA day.

Being Litterary Activists, we completely understood Granny’s objections offered our Plastic Bags. Granny was pretty brave & thorough to even attempt to rectify such an ugly & disgusting mess. But Granny was diligent & got some of that disgusting mess up offa the bench. She placed the bags & the Unauthorized Beverage Container in the Proper Waste Container provided by Park Management. We certainly hope this unfortunate incident does not recur. However, the Good News is we have uncovered a beneficial use for Plastic Bags, other than Poop Bags.

We encourage our BFFs to place any unneeded Plastic Bags in Park Management Containers provided for extra Plastic Bags for Bagless Park Visitor’s & Friends. It’s considered Good Form & Polite & is 1 good use for Plastic Bags.

Tomorrow & for a few days thereafter, I’m gonna hafta be on my Very Best Behavior. My AuntieJudy is coming for My Walkies so that Mymi can go off & get the Cat Track removed from the Other Eye. As she is slightly incapacitated & Outta Sorts thereafter, I better be on my Very Best Behavior. OpalK9 OTJ

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