The other day, a beeeautiful, sunshiney day, warm with gentle breezes, Mymi n me set out on our Walkies. It was so pretty it just awakened my usual optimism & characteristic enthusiasm. We decided to head over to the Neighborhood Park that’s on the way to The Pond.

Upon reaching the Park I spied a couple of squirrels out enjoying the sunshine & fresh air. I ran up to them but before I could reach them & say howdy, they scattered. 1 fellow ran up the tree nearest himself. The other guy ran to a tree a little further away. I just knew he wanted to chat with me at eye level.

He reached his tree & ran up it a little ways. Then he started running around the tree, playing Tree Tag. He ran around & around & up & down that tree. He ran real fast. He stopped as fast. He went up. He went down. We were having so much fun. We didn’t chat much.

We were having so much fun. I started yipping & barking just for the shear fun & the heck of it. That made Chatterless run even faster. He was having fun too. I could tell.

That’s when Spoil Sport Mymi hadda spoil all our fun. She spoke sharply to me. Very sharply. Barked my name. & I came immediately to attention. What else could I do?

She said that squirrel didn’t wanna play anymore. I disagree but by that time, Chatterless the Squirrel ran down our tree & over to his friend’s tree & up it. Game over.

Upon continuing Walkies out of the Park, onward to the Community/School Park, Mymi delivered a lecture in serious human tones. She called me a Bully. Me! OpalK9. Said I should be more sensitive to my friends’ body language & messages. Huh?

So I hadda be extra special vigilant & mindful to listen to & observe all Mymi’s signals & commands on the remainder of our Walkies. Mymi said I got a 50/50 for Walkies that day bc I was a Bully but I was real good & 100% spot on thereafter.

Yesterday, a not so pretty, foggy, damp & chilly day, Mymi hadda get gripped. I don’t know. Something to do with Golf, which I don’t get anyway. I had some experience with Golf during my stay in FLland. I guess Golf is a Human Thing. I mean, to me, there are so many more fun things you can do with balls & sticks. But that’s just me & every other dog on I digress. We left Mymi’s golf sticks at the Grips place.

From the Grips place it was just a ball’s throw to the BIGGEST park I have eVer seen. I mean this place had it all. A Zoo. Fairy Tale Town where they make all the Animation Fairy Tales, I guess . Even a golf course which I recognized right away from previous experience. 1 little teeny tiny drawback. I hadda remain on the leach. Bc no dogs allowed in various sections of the Big Park.

But I was game & we set off. I mean I’m not a dog to turn down a new Adventure. We walked under some pretty big trees. They had lotsa good smells at the base. We walked by a picnic area with tables & benches & trash cans. They got some pretty exciting odors. We walked thru the Rock Garden & past the pond. We were very careful to stay out of the golfers’ line of fire so’s not to upset a golfer. They take it pretty seriously.

We walked & walked & then we crossed a street. IMHO streets are pretty much the same everywhere. They meander & weave without any rhyme or reason & they all smell like oil & exhaust. Yuck.

But on the other side of the street, we spied another Person/Pooch Duo having unleashed fun in the Park. So Mymi let me off mine. She followed me while I ran & explored. Rolled & scratched in the wet grass. Those other guys were playing catch but somehow Mymi neglected to bring my ChuckIt. So it was ad-lib fun but fun nonetheless.

After not enough time (for myself) of unleashed fun, it was time to leash up again & head for the car. That’s when Mymi discovered she had no idea which way to the car.

We proceeded to the Right. Keep walking Rights, Mymi said, & we’ll make a circle & end up back where we started. Well I wasn’t too sure about that but hadda take her word for it. After all, I was the 1 on the short leash.

We kept walking & long after I knew we’d already passed the same domains & buildings & markings previously, Mymi stopped. She said . . . do you know where we are OpalK9? Cause I don’t. Then she started complaining about wet feet. Said her feet were sloshing in her shoes. We started walking again.

Came to another fork in the road. She complained about her wet feet. Said they need time to drain a little. Looked around for the car. We continued walking.

Another stop. More complaint about wet feet. Why didn’t I know where we were? Hey! I’m Just A Dog. Finally. Finally. She got smart. She pulled out her SmartPhone with GPS. Low & behold. We went around the park 2x & were on the opposite side of the Big Park from the Car Park. Go Figure!

So we walked around the perimeter of the park, following carefully street signs & names. Avoiding the Golf Course & sensitive Golfers. We walked in the tree groves with many big trees with lotsa good smells beneath. Naturally I hadda leave pee-mail to expand my social network, in case we ever pass that way again. Or in case I’m recognized on FB or Twitter.

We arrived back at the car after a long & adventurous Walkies, Mymi griping & complaining all the way about wet feet & lack of direction. Myself, personally, I thought it ROCKED. A Grand Adventure. I guess 1 dog’s Adventure is another’s Misadventure. OpalK9 OTJ

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