Sheeew! Doggies! Sometimes it’s pretty hard to know what to do bc things keep on changing. Just when ya think ya know what’s what & what’s gonna happen next, they pull the mat outta your crate & you’re left there with a bowl of grits or something. Kinda hard to maintain your Good Dog & Know Your Purpose status.

Like, fur instance, this particular HW. I been working hard trying to resume my usual routine, guarding & Walkies with Mymi. Chatting with chipmunks & wrangling squirrels into their proper niche. This HW, my Auntie Judy came to our Domain on the usual & routine day, the day on which I have grown to expect to see her & we go Walkies to the park where she throws the ball for me. I just love to chase that ball & return it to my Auntie Judy. She’s getting pretty good at throwing it too.

The next day proceeded as per usual. Me n Mymi took a nice long Walkies to the USPO so that we could deposit Heart Cards & presents to our Valentines. That’s a nice long Walkies & 1 I have grown familiar with & look forward to. So that was cool.

The next day, which is Mymi’s usual Canhardly Golf day, Mymi & Golfernut left our Domain & my Auntie Judy came to take me to the park which I cannot object to but it was out of our usual routine. Mymi said they were going to take the Cat Tracks outta her eyes. WTFrack?

Upon returning to our Domain, Mymi did the couch potato thing the rest of the day with stuff stuck in her eye. Didn’t look like Cat Tracks to me which I would surely recognize. Any self respecting K9 knows Cat Tracks.

But the next day, my Auntie Judy came to fetch me, so I thought. But Mymi put a treat on my mat & told me to stay & then they got in Auntie Judy’s car to go. Well I didn’t get that & ran out of MySpot to get in the car. Mymi told me to get on my mat & stay. Well what could I do? But I was confused & despondent, for sure. Then no sooner did they leave than they returned & I thought they had discovered their mistake in leaving me behind. So I ran out to get a treat from Auntie Judy & get into the car for a ride to the park. Turns out Mymi forgot something & they left me behind again. You can imagine my confusion, anxiety & frustration.

They finally returned but by then I was enjoying the sunshine & fresh air by my pool fully resigned to the fact that I’d been left behind, prolly forever. & I’d never learn why Cat Tracks caused this personal CATastrophe. I was feeling pretty low & alone & depressed.

Me n Mymi went for a nice Walkies upon my Auntie Judy’s departure. I got to do some serious consideration about our relationship while enjoying my freedom to roam & patrol the neighborhood as customary. But I still had some consideration to consider so I remained inside my Domain, on my mat with my BFF, Venza, to further mull this situation over.

I have concluded that even tho I am still unsure what Cat Tracks in human eyes is, I sure wouldn’t wanna have ’em myself. & Mymi hadda visit her vet in order to take care of this malady. Now I just gotta get past these feelings of insecurity every time something out of the ordinary happens & causes me to think I’m gonna get left behind for another long, long, interminable amount of time. Old Dogs don’t like changes to our routine. I’ll get over it. I’m a good dog & know my purpose.

OpalK9 OTJ
PS: Mymi says the Cat Tracks are gone. Check out the irises. *B-) cool

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