I been playing Ketchup ever since returning home to my Domain. You know. I got all these important tasks & responsibilities I gotta Ketchup on.

Of course, there’s my Neighborhood Patrol responsibilities. Since I been away so long, whole strings of messaging have been obliterated. Not so much by rain which we haven’t had any significant amounts of since before I left, (but drought is a long issue for another day) but just by time & the scent of strangers passing by. So now I gotta investigate each & every message & add my comment to the peemail strings. Us Neighborhood Patrollers gotta stay networked.

There’s watching out for my old Buds & BFFs like Maggie. We usually see her & her Papa Paul in 1 neighborhood park but lately we been seeing them in the other. We hadda stop & have a long chat with them. Actually, the 1st time we encountered Maggie & Paul in this new location, Paul was chatting with a Lady that lives under a bridge next to Jesus’s Center of Education & Worship. She was quite chatty & we never did ascertain why Maggie & Paul changed destinations before we hadda MoveOn. Maggie didn’t seem to know or care 1 way or the other.

We encountered old BFFs like Daisy Duke & JanThurs. They are doing fine. Me n Daisy like to meet n greet & then go on about our bidness in a separate yet collaborative manner. JanThurs & Mymi like to chit & chat about this, that & the other.

We have new NextDoor Neighbors. Ken & Carla & Takoa. Until the other day, me n Takoa had merely exchanged greetings thru the fence. But we got to meet eye to eye, face to face the other day. Takoa is a rangy 4 HY old Huskie of Indistinct, tho no less Noble Heritage. He’s still a bit young & immature so I gotta show him the ropes of life in the Big City. Takoa & his family moved here from Fiddletown, in the Foot Hills. So Takoa needs to learn to know & appreciate Flatland Ways. I think, with my Guidance & Assistance, Takoa will soon learn. Takoa’s a good dog & willing to adjust to the Flatlands & know his purpose.

This being the 1st month of the current year marks the 100th HY since GrandSire was whelped. Our cousin Perky in MO pointed this out to us. & we are happy to be reminded. We immediately contacted our personal flower people in FLland to have red, white & blue flowers located in the place where GrandSire & GrandDam are laid to rest. Thanks to Cousin Perky. RIP GrandSire & GrandDam. We miss you. All of us.

GrandSire shares a birthdate with another Notable & Noble American. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. There will be parades & prayer services & a holiday marking this occasion. RIP Dr. MLK Jr.

Now I gotta get Mymi going so we can go Walkies. I just gotta Ketchup. OpalK9 OTJ

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