Tis the Season to be jolly & so we are busy busy busy getting ready to be jolly. We been shopping for presents. Wrapping presents. Posting presents in the US Mail. We been making our Seasons Greetings cards. Making our lists. Checking them 2X. Gonna find out who’s naughty & nice.

Sandy Claws may be comin’ to town but we gotta be ready & prepared to celebrate our Holidays & Yuletide Festivities in geographically diverse localities. & that takes extra special & additional responsibilities in preparation to be where we gotta be on time.

In addition we gotta attend to the usual & normal activities around our neighborhood & community. We been walkiesing when it’s not pouring down rain, which is mostly when it rains . . . it doesn’t pour. Myself personally I don’t mind walkies in downpours bc I wear a fine all weather, indoor/outdoor coat at all times. Sure save a lotta hassle & time & annoyance trying to select just the appropriate apparel that also flatters one’s mood, the weather & compliments one’s assets.

My Walkies tho are pretty important bc that’s when I connect with all my Neighborhood BFFs. If I don’t actually see them, I post p-mail. Which has to be re-posted periodically due to rain &/or time washing it away. So there’s all these additional things that must be done & accomplished to be sure Tis The Season gets jolly.

This AM, tho, we had the sad task of sending 1 of our very own neighbors off to meet his maker. We discovered The Squirrel in the Pool watching the sweep, Sucky Beaver, do the usual work of going round & round in the pool. The Beav’s hose got all tangled up. Mymi hadda go out & untangle it which she didn’t want to do in the pouring rain. But it hadda be done. I myself, could not assist on that 1 as the little fellow was at the bottom of the pool & I don’t dive. Fetching is my thing.

So Mymi got all dressed in raingear & proceeded to use the net basket to scoop him up. She had black plastic bag all prepared & we placed him in there. His eyes were open & he looked very much alive to me. Todolly wet but alive.

We said so long to the little fellow. I don’t know his name. But we sent him on his way to the next Squirrel Dimension. Good luck little fellow. Wishing you lots of nuts & acorns & no pools in your future. GrandSire passed on to meet his maker 1 HY ago. We miss him but maybe you’ll encounter him along your journey. If you do, say hi. He’s a good guy.

We gotta move on & get into the Season of Festivities & Lights. Our neighborhood is all festooned with Lights & Decorations. We don’t decorate as we spend the season elsewhere which sorta makes us stick out like a sore paw. Maybe next HY we’ll do something special. Who knows by then . . .

Mymi is packing for the annual trip to the Valley of Casinos & Bling to celebrate with #1Son, Peach, Tootsie Roll & Scooter, Lily & Max. & the whole big family there in that Valley. Myself, I am staying right here at MySpa & Resort. Gonna chill out. Relax. Get down with my BFFs there. Get my fur & nails done. It’s gonna be a good Season to be Jolly.

We, here at Todo Chronicles, want to wish all our BFFs, far & wide, the very best possible Season to be Jolly. & a Very Jolly New Year. OpalK9 OTJ

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