For like the 2nd time this very week, I didn’t get a Walkies. We Aussies need our exercise to maintain health & fitness, alertness & responsiveness. & our puppish figures.

1st time was todolly Mymi’s fault. At the beginning of each week she goes off to do good deeds regarding Information & Referral. My Auntie Judy comes to take me for my Walkies which is cool. I’m down with that.

But Auntie Judy has to use Old School keys to access the domain. I don’t know why it is that our domain cannot be accessed with a username & password. But there it is. So anyway my Auntie Judy arrived just like always & I was so ready for my Walkies. But she couldn’t access the Domain. She called to me & I barked my Welcome bark.

I couldn’t see her. I could only hear her over the gate. She threw me a couple of treats & milkbones but it’s not the same. We always go to the park & she chucks the ball for me with my ChuckIt. I run run run fast as I can to catch that ball on the fly which doesn’t happen often. But it’s something to strive for. I can usually catch it on 1 bounce. I just love to Run & Fetch. Don’t you?

So that began my week. It was kind of a bummer. When Mymi returned, she discovered her mistake. She apologized. Said it was a Senior Moment. Well just don’t let it happen again!

Today, however, it’s prolly not Mymi’s fault. I mean she mighta wished & hoped for rain. But she can’t jolly well order it up. & raining it is. All day long. Steady no let up.

As previously stated, My State, the Great State of CA needs water desperately. Badly. & we need lots of it. To replenish our supplies in lakes & ponds & reservoirs & our groundwater system. At 17% of capacity at the beginning of the wet season, we coulda run out next HY.

We just didn’t need all the rain at once. Like now there’s flood warnings & local flooding. People are using alternate forms of transportation to commute home from work. Which isn’t a bad thing. Come to think of it. But I bet this guy wishes he was better prepared.
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It’s been raining all day long. No let up. No break in the rain. So I didn’t particularly want to Walkies today. Even tho I wear the perfect apparel for any kind of weather & occasion. The ponds & gutters are filling up nicely. & pool water is fast becoming my fave beverage. Now that the pool is receiving all this additional rain, the water is easily accessible. Just a hint of chlorine so I know it’s safe drinking water. Hey! What’s not to like?

So I hope it let’s up a bit soon so what we have gotten can soak into the ground or runoff into our lakes & ponds & reservoirs. I don’t want to appear ungrateful for this December Miracle. We just don’t need 40 days & 40 nights worth of rain all at once.
OpalK9 OTJ

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