It’s finally raining here in MyValley & all across the Great State of CA. Big time raining. Like it’s coming down so fast on rock hard surfaces, it’s not soaking in quickly enough. It’s running offa scorched forests & drought dry ground. There’s flood warnings up & down MyState.

It’s coming down so fast we don’t know where to put it bc it can’t all be directed into the reservoirs built for that purpose which are really really dry & empty & just waiting to fill up. But we need water to fill the rivers so fish & other water living critters can get along too so maybe fast runoff isn’t all bad. Just kinda scary that we need rain so bad but can’t take it all in as fast as it’s coming down. Way it’s going our reservoirs won’t be full & able to support the current population & needs of the Great State of CA even if it rains 40 days & 40 night, which I heard somewhere is a magic password.

We, here at Todo Chronicles, would like to suggest that the KXL be redirected & rededicated to move H2O east to west. Even us dogs could figure out this would be a much safer & intelligent design & use of resources than moving the dirtiest kind oil over the country’s biggest aquifer. & it’s gotta create jobs. So what’s the down-side. It’s a no-brainer.

So anyway we hadda adjust our Walkies to move out btw storm cells. So we were walking along, just about to turn onto our street, when Duke the Dog came running out across the street to greet us & make friends. Duke is a Chocolate Lab of Noble Heritage. He’s just a pup, all & enthusiastic & he came running up pretty fast. We weren’t sure what to make of Duke at first. Duke wasn’t talking. Duke didn’t look both ways before crashing out into the street either.

So we chatted with Duke a bit & went on our way. Duke followed & went off on his own investigation. Then he returned to our path. This happened a couple of times & before we knew, we were at our Domain & there was Duke.

Fortunately Duke was wearing the appropriate & necessary tags & so we called Duke’s Mama to come get him. She almost couldn’t believe us. She related that she was just home & Duke was there. Well Duke was most definitely in MyDomain. She said she would come get Duke straight away. So me n Duke hung out near my pool, which is filling fast, til his Mama arrived. Duke musta found a hole in his fence & gotten out just in time to encounter us.

We’re glad to encounter Duke & will look out for Duke in the future. I’m just glad we were able to guide & assist Duke in finding his way home again. Take care, Duke, buddy.
OpalK9 OTJ

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