Well things have been as per usual, which is crazy, Goofy busy. Things no more get to normal, whatever that is these hectic days & then kaboom-pow, something out of the ordinary occurs. Like Mymi packing up & going to the Valley of Casinos & Bling for the annual Halloween Holiday festivities.

She reports that a great time was had by all. Going to the Punkin Patch. Riding the Train. Flying through the air on the Bungee Fling Thing. Getting all dressed up in scary costumes to go tricking & treating for sweets & goodies.

Lilly & Max love all the excitement but they don’t get to participate in the goodies. They been on diets…sigh. But I guess these things must be done to maintain good health & longevity. Bc they miss Buddy…RIP, Buddy.

Mymi accomplished some Christmas shopping bc she says that next holiday is right around the corner. We gotta get ready, buying presents & wrapping & sending them off to my far flung family. So Mymi made a few purchases while there in the Valley of Casinos & Bling in order to bypass some of the steps in preparation for Christmas there in the Valley.

So anyway, she returned & picked me up at MySpa & Resort. I like to go there. I like to come home even more bc to prepare me for my return home I always get shampooed & blow dried, fluffed & fancied up. My nails get attention even tho I don’t like my paws messed with much. I learned to trust Groomers at MySpa & Resort. But I always know when I get fluffed up, it’s time to go home.

The next day upon our return, we hadda walkies to the USPO to deliver some mail which contained bill payments. I hadda guide & assist Mymi so she wouldn’t fall on her face again like she did recently. We reported uneven sidewalk to the authorities & they promised to remedy the situation.

While at the USPO we made our donation to get a Red Poppy to honor the Veterans who have served this country in the many wars fought past & present to preserve our freedom & democracy. We always like to honor our Veterans as GrandSire was a proud Veteran. & Veterans provided a nice service for GrandSire’s memorial back there in FLland. We’re sorry that it appears future wars will be fought from within against Big Money & Corporate Interests. We don’t think that’s what GrandSire & his compatriots fought for. See me wearing my Red Poppy?

We did some walkies around the Neighborhood just to make sure everything is good as when we left. We met JanThurs & Daisy Duke Dog at the park. JanThurs is busy with her Choral activities & papers grading bc she like to keep involved in the Educational Community. Daisy Duke & I ran around the park. We rolled in the newly cut grass, which is the best kind of grass to roll in. We drank puddle water which is alway a treat. Daisy n me just had the very best time.

When we were almost home, just around the corner, we met up with Terry & her new dog Gracie. Gracie is a pretty black pup of approximately 4 HY. Gracie is of Mixed But Noble Heritage, being both Dachshund & Cocker Spaniel. Very Noble Heritage. Gracie & Terry are just getting accustomed to each other. & sometimes Terry has some business commitments which must be honored. We might offer to let Gracie hang here . . . just til she gets used to being Home Alone. It’s a knack.

We hope that everyone will honor our Veterans & do the right thing to assist & serve others.
OpalK9 OTJ

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