Thanksgiving Day, here in MyValley, todolly sunny & beeeautiful. Clear blue sky. Sun shining. Perfect day to practice our Walkies Partnership. Me n Mymi. Mymi likes to call ours a partnership bc we guide & assist each other as well as getting in our daily exercise & staying current in our neighborhood. Doing our Community Service as necessary. Mymi says it’s my Walkies & Exercise too so we like to move forward independently while monitoring our partner.

Mymi likes to walk & take in the sites. Chat with neighbors. Pet other Companions accompanying their partners. A very friendly atmosphere.

I prefer to acknowledge other Companions accompanying their partner. But I like to chat with the chipmunks. Corral squirrels. Wrangle the Magpies. I todolly love to find a good spot to roll & scratch in. Nice soft green grass under trees is the best. There’s usually some puddle water waiting somewhere to serve up a cool drink of water. My Fave is Messin’ With Cats bc they are so smug & snooty. All hissy & humpy. They think they, like, own the place or somethin’. Humph!

So we walk along, Mymi n me. Since she possesses an elevated point of view & can see over things, see what’s going on a little better, she often signals me with calls & commands, calling my name or just shouting Yoh!

So well we were in the Middle School Park, with trees & shrubs, fields & walkways. Great expanses to run in or just stop & sniff the pmails & messages, smell the flowers & other fragrances. & it’s all just so lovely. & I was having a terrific time. & well, I guess I sorta ignored her calls & commands, rollin’ & scratchin’. I rolled & rolled. Jumped up. Shook off. & did some more rolls. Then Mymi called my name. I guess I sorta ignored her. So she shouted Yoh! I sorta hadda give up my super superb rollin’ spot then.

We moved on to some curious & interesting scents that I just hadda investigate. I sniffed from this angle. That angle & the other angle. Scratched it with my paw. Hadda stop & think. Compare & contrast. I mean the wheels were turning, turning, turning inside my head. I sorta really didn’t hear Mymi. Or perhaps I did ignore her once again. But that odor was so scintillating. Just couldn’t tear myself away until she was stamping her feet on the walkway & shouting my name. Opaldammit. Could not avoid the inevitable then, by golly.

So we moved on, Mymi quickly bc she said it was time to get along home lil’ doggie. Myself, well, I was kinda dragging my paws, passing slowly thru the grade school park. So fun & practically empty due school being out for the holiday. I let Mymi get way ahead of me & todolly ignored her upon my passing thru the field & park, seeing what there was to see & sniffing out the interesting scents & aromas that the park had to offer.

Suddenly she was right there, beside me, with the Dreaded Leash, the Yoke of Ignorants. She tethered me to her for a very brisk walk back to our Domain. All the while she lectured me about how our Walkies is no longer a partnership. Mymi’s the Boss now. When she says Heads Up or OPAL or Yoh! I better sit up & take notice. I forfeited my partnership status in the deal. & DO NOT IGNORE ME anymore. I don’t need to be ignored by my Dog, of all people.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t understand a lot of what she was saying so I just let her babble. Sometime she needs to get things off her chest. But I learned my lesson re: The Yoke of Ignorants. Don’t Ignore messages when they are clearly stated. Clearly meant for you. & repeated often.

My Thanksgiving wish is that humans learn from my errors. Don’t assume the Yoke of Ignorants. Don’t ignore the clear messages that it’s time to get serious about Climate Change. It’s real. It’s happening now. It’s clearly & predominantly the result of Human Activity. So only humans have the will & the power to clean it up. & the Tipping Point to reverse Climate Change may have already been passed. If humans don’t want to blow up the planet & make it unlivable for all water drinking, air breathing & food eating critters, they better throw off that Yoke of Ignorants & get some Thanksgiving Enlightenment pronto.

Editors Note:
We, here at Todo Chronicles, hope that everyone had the very best Thanksgiving eVer.
OpalK9 OTJ

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