The weather was wet & windy today. We got some much much needed rain last night. Not enough to fill the dams & reservoirs . . . but some rain nonetheless. Made our sidewalks & streets wet. Watered lawns & gardens. So yay!

We had a special errand to execute this morning. So neither rain nor snow nor dark of sky would slow us from our appointed rounds to deliver certain monetary documents to the USPS so that said documents could be fast fwded to the Valley of Casinos & Bling. See Tootsie Roll & Scooter are participating in a Fun Run to raise funds to support their Academy & Fount of Education; Source of Knowledge. So you see, it was very important that we deliver this post post haste.

So we braved the wet & blustery weather to fare forth to the USPS & on the way we spotted lots & lots of trash blown about on the streets & parkways. This often occurs when Trash Day turns out to be windy. So we picked up lots of trash laying about & placed it in the proper receptacles. Those being the trash containers still on the street post trash trucks rolling through the neighborhood. This will help keep our neighborhood neat & tidy looking. It’s a random & anonymous community service we are happy to perform.

But when we got out onto the main street, which was like a wind tunnel for the winds coming up from the Delta below our Valley, well it was a challenge. We found a wet & soggy plastic sack that had blown into a bush on the street. I pointed this out to Mymi & she picked it up. Promptly stuffing it with trash from the gutter & on the sidewalk. I was carefully sniffing my way to the intersection of Red Light & Green Light when I came upon the dangerous sight of a real thick bottle smashed along the parkway. Luckily it wasn’t on the sidewalk or I mighta stepped on a shard & cut my paw. (No good deed goes unpunished.)

So we picked up as much as we could & placed the heavy shards of glass in our recently collected plastic bag. But we hadda get it to a proper receptacle pronto bc it was hazmat & dangerous. Our only option was the waste slots at the USPS, where we were headed at any rate. We sealed our bag best we could.

Then we hadda negotiate across the big streets at the intx of Red Light & Green Light & go to our destination sans leash bc Mymi forgot it. Well I’m OK with that. I can behave & cross the streets carefully, with the proper lighting & signalling. But the USPS frowns upon K9s entering the building sans leash. Mymi took me to a quiet corner under the overhang & told me to Down & Stay, which I did superbly. I watched & waited & she was only gone briefly so it’s all good. See. That’s me there, holding the bag so nothing further happens to it.

Upon return & arrival at our Domain, we discovered that it’s World Kindness Day, No matter where you are, this is the day to change the world with one simple act of kindness. We kinda like to think we practiced Random (& Anonymous) Acts of Kindness today, picking up trash & properly placing it so our neighborhood would look clean & well kept & so neighbors leading busy lives won’t hafta stop & pick up remnants of a windy & blustery Trash Day. What Random Act of Kindness did you perform to honor World Kindness Day? http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/
OpalK9 OTJ

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