We, here at Todo Chronicles, believe The Media (that’s us) should always be seeking the truthiness of any situation & not merely accepting the Common Wisdom. This is why we’ve been searching & researching, digging down deep to get to the bottom to stay on top & ahead of the rest. We’re seeking clues as to why there are no more dinosaurs on Least none that we know of.

Dinosaurs 1st appeared here approximately 231.4 million HYs ago. They didn’t begin as the huge & frightening critters that many now occupying today think of today as the Dinosaur Population. However of the dinosaurs evolved over the millions & millions of HYs that they roamed into those huge, fire-breathing ferocious creatures. Others did not. Fossil record would indicate that some survived the Extinction Event that appears to have occurred some 66 million HYs ago, and their descendants continue the dinosaur lineage to the present day as birds. So in reality, dinosaurs still do exist on, just not so’s they’d be recognized as such today. Who knew?!

Fossil record also indicates that dinosaurs occupied habitat on every continent, such as continents were configured back in the day of dinosaurs. They multiplied & spread out & & developed elaborate skeletal & structural adaptations to fit a niche so that they could survive & thrive.

Soon the dinosaurs, in all their diversity, achieved dominance over They consumed large amounts of food which they did not replace. They used resources without hesitation. They didn’t consider the relevance H2O had in their lives & in the quality of life that their progeny would have. They deposited waste products anywhere & did not consider the cumulative effects emissions of said waste would have on a future generations of inhabitants of

So dinosaurs were just going along minding their own bidness & thinking Things is Cool. What could possible go wrong. We are Dinos! After 165 +/- HY Dinos are the Top of the Food Chain.

& then, humans have recently speculated, the Unthinkable occurred. The Extinction Event. Scientific modeling suggests a big huge asteroid collided with Now the collision itself didn’t suddenly cause dinosaurs to get extincted. That was just the Tipping Point. Impact caused release of many particles which caused the atmosphere to heat up & then cool down in the space of a scant 1M HY . . . which in the long view of things is the blink of an eyeball. All this caused the food chain to collapse & dinosaurs faded away into extinction.

So we, here at Todo Chronicles, are not drawing conclusions. That’s for you, our readers, to do. But we leave you to ponder . . . Are Humans Smarter than Dinosaurs? Or is history bound to repeat itself again?!
OpalK9 OTJ

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