On our walkies today we encountered lots & lots of activity. Preparation for the coming winter months, I’m assured. Workmen were trimming big trees with limbs & branches fallen down in the street & blocking the sidewalk. We hadda walk on the other side.

There was lotsa grass cutters & leaf blowers; painters & nail hammerers. There have been big machines & heavy equipment digging up our sidewalks & gutters, blocking access to my fave source of water. There’s even a tree trimmin’ buzz sawing right across the street from our Domain. It’s pretty noisy. But preparations must be made, so I’m told for the winter that’s surely coming.

Winter’s gotta come bc we need water so desperately . . . to drink; to water the crops; to just live. & while humans haven’t been the very best stewards of our water resource or any other resource for that matter, it’s just gotta rain & give us water again bc humans are praying & that should make it all better. They suddenly see the benefits of carin’ for the creation on which we all live, for the moment. At least until they can figure out how to get offa here & survive somewhere else. Not sure what they are planning for Man’s Best Friend in that arena.

Near the end of our walkies, we did meet up with Terry, Clarabelle’s Mum. Clarabelle passed on to PlanetPluto in Springtime. Terry & Chuck really miss Clarabelle. Terry was most happy to see me & to report that they are seeking to adopt another K9 like Clarabelle. A Border Collie of Noble & Distinct Heritage whose present adoptive folks cannot provide proper care due to illness in the human family. This particular Border Collie presently resides in SoCA. If this arrangement cannot be completed, Terry says they will seek out My AuntieKim to find the very best dog suited to their situation & needs, likes & dislikes.

So anyway Mymi & Terry chatted about this & that. About what a good dog I am. How friendly I am & how good I am at doing my job. I listened intently to that conversation from the periphery bc there was still plenty to explore, sniff out & investigate in the immediate area.

Terry warned me against the perils of Kitty Rocca but I must respectfully disagree. & altho humans know dogs prefer Kitty Roca to Puppy Roca, she felt the need to warn me for my own good. Mymi just yells & speaks sharply when I make a good find. Says my breath stinks. One being’s garbage is another’s steak.

Eventually they got off onto other subjects that weren’t the least bit interesting to me so I wandered a bit further. Discovered more delightful Kitty Roca & almost ate my fill. & then the workmen came to dismantle the equipment in front of Terry’s domain. They are repairing the sidewalk to reduce the possibility of human error, the tendency to trip & fall & injure themselves.

Then it was time to move on down the street to our domain. But Terry wanted me to TXT MSG CLARABELLE. Inform Clarabelle that she is missed greatly. That the time to adopt another dog & provide a good home has come but that you, Clarabelle, will always have a place in their hearts. They are good people, Clarabelle & I know this is true.

We’ll Snapchat soon Clarabelle so I can keep you updated as to the status of your humans & our neighborhood. Gotta run bc the workmen are tearing up our sidewalk & my supervisory skills are needed at the moment. Why can’t humans just look where they are going?! OpalK9 OTJ

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