Sheew Doggies. Holy Cats. It’s been crazy, upside-down, fur-on-fire, runnin’ around in circles chasing my stumpy little tail, busy around here. & I hadda stand guard & be vigilant whilst guiding & assisting Mymi. But I keep doin’ my best.

On Thursday last, workmen showed up at our front door to install brand new & improved windows in our domain. They are real pretty. They keep the hot sun’s ultraviolet rays out much better. Keep the floor cool on my tummy. My AC. It took the workmen all day long to complete the task. So we hadda busy ourselves pretty much that whole time.

1st we Walkiesed to the USPO to deliver an envelop containing good wishes to #1Son & Peach on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of their Uniting Ceremony. I wasn’t around here then. It took place in the Valley of Casinos & Bling so I wouldn’t have been witness to the happy event anyway. Upon our return trip, we had some extra time, so we picked up litter & trash & other things that don’t belong on the streets of our neighborhood. The workmen got all the windows installed in place just as the sun was setting but they don’t do alarm systems.

So then we hadda arrange for the alarm & security people to come out & reconnect our security system. They 1st predicted that they could be out at the end of the HM of Halloween. That was just too long without electronic security to suit me n Mymi. So we hadda get very firm with them on the phone.

The Security Technician arrived yesterday afternoon. She was surprised at how complex the task was as the Company failed to properly assess the situation & did not supply our Technician with the proper information.

Workmen don’t do cleanup, necessarily, either. So we hadda put things away & straighten things up that got pushed aside so workmen could pop out old windows & replace with new. That included my crate & all my things that surround MyPlace & make it homie. They didn’t replace the blinds that were removed from the windows. Now we gotta decide what to do with those old blinds . . . return them to where they were or replace with new ones. Or just toss them . . . into the recycle bin for sure.

& we gotta figure out how to take care of the trimming that was placed around the windows on the outside of our domain. Good thing they are behind the fence.

So that’s why I been extra vigilant with regard to my responsibilities, guarding our Home & Domain. It was just plain uncomfortable at Walkies Times knowing there was no alarm & security system to set & no me there to be watchful on alert. Awesome responsibilities. I am ever up to the challenge.

So that’s my Domino Theory. You start 1 little thing & 100 more fall into place that need to get done before you can call the job complete.

OpalK9 OTJ

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