Big surprise this AM. It rained. It was quite lovely & refreshing. The air smells nice & clean. & gutters & puddles are filled with nice cool, clean rainwater. My Fave!

Rain makes for Excellent Walkies. So we Walkies’ed over to GrandSire’s former place of residence, The Pond. Excellent Walkies. We like to contribute our monthly Nat Geo to the GrandSire Memorial Nat Geo Library. The residents there like to read the Nat Geo. We also contributed greeting cards & calendars made of paper b/c the Greatest Generation still uses Snail Mail to send their sentiments to BFFs, friends & family.

Upon departing The Pond, we followed our old route to the middle school/park. It’s always a joy to roll in the grass there. I, personally, however, could not detect much change in the condition of the soil that had just been rained upon. As dry as the prairie grass we passed thru on our Road Trip Westward to CA when we brought GrandSire out here from FLland, Land of Swamps & Gators. Where if it ain’t rainin’ it’s about to rain. At least it usedta be that way, tho my BFF Annie tells me it’s different now. But that’s another issue for another day. Quite a climate change from that which GrandSire was accustomed to.

Much as we enjoyed our Walkies today in the residual sprinkles of the rainstorm that passed thru My Valley, we, here at Todo Chronicles, don’t think it’s time to blow off the the Voices of the People here in the US & around AnimalPlanet.com, participants in the People’s Climate March. People & citizens, & dogs too, asking Officials & Decision Makers & others in High Places to Sit Up & Take Notice. Climate Change is not just a figment of over-active imaginations of Fuzzy Headed Treehuggers & other Liberals. It’s real. & it’s causing severe drought in My State, the Great State of CA. Drought so big & severe the rain we got today is only a drop in the bucket of dry lakes & reservoirs which are the water supply for My State, the Gr8 St8 of CA. That’s not to mention the need to replace groundwater supply which is also receding, but it’s under ground so no one can see it or estimate how much groundwater needs to be replaced.

We, here at Todo Chronicles, can only hope the rain helped extinguish the huge & horrible fire ravishing the foothills & valleys, villages & habitats so near us. Fires are made more intense in severe drought b/c drought creates more dry fuel for fires to gobble up.

We, here at Todo Chronicles, think it’s time for Leaders on AnimalPlanet.com to take the lead on climate change. If the US wants to retain a position of Leadership in this most serious & important matter on AnimalPlanet.com, it’s time to quit dithering around, questioning the science & asking stupid questions like why wasn’t Global Wobble included in the modeling of Climate Change? B/c Global Wobble happens over a period of 10s of Ks of years & not in the course of the 100 years of Climate Change modeling presently used. Global Wobble has no statistical relevance to Climate Change Modeling as we know it. Even Just a Dog could figure that out.

So, c’mon, US Leaders. Get off it & get going. We can do this if we want to. We can do better. We have done better. Go Big or Go Home cause we can’t afford to remain on the sidelines in the State of Denial any longer.
OpalK9 OTJ

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