Today, marking the end of Summer & the very 1st day of Fall & all, we decided to do what thousands of citizens, humans & K9 alike, did & join the People’s Climate March. We decided to take a long march in our neighborhood to see how our neighbors are taking responsibility to #ActOnClimate Change.

We are delighted to see lots of homes with solar panels on the roof. There’s prolly a lot more we couldn’t see b/c they are on the back of the domain, just like ours. Lotsa people driving electric vehicles these days which is good. Lotsa bike riders & people taking our very own commuter rail system for trips other than to work. That’s good.

NoCA is doing real good on reduction of water usage during the major & historic drought our state is experiencing. B/c we gotta save water to fight the increasing & increasingly intense wild fires burning outta control in our state. These fires are increasing in number & intensity each HY due to hotter & dryer weather conditions caused by Climate Change caused by climate denialism creating lack of cooperation in reducing global carbon emissions.

Some people evidently didn’t get the memo about reducing water consumption tho b/c we saw a gentleman washing his vehicles with a hose that didn’t have a shut-offable nozzle on it & he was letting water flow down the driveway into the gutter & into the drain. I, myself, tried my very best, to reduce the damage by drinking as much gutter water as I could, gutter water being some of my most fave of drinks. But the flow was such that my efforts were hopeless. The gentleman prolly thinks he’s entitled to use as much resource as he can pay for. . . like it isn’t a system or something. Bad attitude.

But most seem willing to do their part & we are happy to see it & report on it.

Coincidentally, this date was the day of the biggest People’s Climate March in history. What, you may ask, is the People’s Climate March. Well, let we here at Todo Chronicles, tell you what the People’s Climate March is. It’s the global demonstration demanding attention for climate change spanning 162 countries. & we decided to help out by tweeting, FBing & writing about this event of historic proportions.

An estimated 400K people & K9s turned out in NYC, the Big Apple, alone for this historic event which also coincidentally takes place on the Eve of the U.N. Summit on Global Climate Change. & there were marchers marching all around the nation. & right here in my state, the Gr8 St8 of CA. Right here in MyValley, on the capitol steps. Isn’t that awesome! If you don’t believe me, just look at some of the pictures & stories of this great & historic event on the links below.

It’s so gladifying to be alive in the Age of Awareness. Now if we could just translate Awareness into Action. #ActOnClimate.

OpalK9 OTJ

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