Have I mentioned before that Dancing With the Stars is my very fav TV show eVer? I been watching since about like Season 3. So I can’t believe it’s possible that I almost didn’t know Season 19 was starting last night. How could I, a seasoned sniffer & investigator of facts, miss that? Thank Great Todo for the DVR on my TV.

I just love all the glitz & glam. Bling & Zing of the show. Everyone is out there to do their very best. Put their best foot forward. & compete in friendly rivalry for the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy.

I love the pretty colors. Erin’s dress was my fav of the night. Blue is a color I can see & get behind, being a Blue Merle Dog & all.

I saw my 1st ever Wardrobe Malfunction. Very interesting. But Betsy pushed on to the finish line with a The Show Must Go On Spirit. Good Show, Betsy!

Julianne is back. She went away to pursue other interests for a while. Now she sits with the judges. Saw my 1st ever Boob Job too. I guess humans want to augment their mammaries since they only have 2. Myself personally I worked out for a long time so mine wouldn’t drag on the ground after my early upbringing & experience in the Puppy Mill.

So now we gotta watch tonight to see who goes home 1st. It’s gonna be an exciting season full of full of fun & music, smiley faces, bling & glam. My Fav Show. I hope it goes on ForeVer & eVer. OpalK9 OTJ

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