Hey Buddy. Upon return from the Valley of Casinos & Bling, Mymi was pleased to report everything is running smoothly & quite as you left it. Good job Buddy.

Lilly & Max are a bit at loose ends, not knowing exactly how to step into your paw prints. They were surprised by your departure. & Peach is changing their feeding schedule from Graze Mode to 2X/day. She’s trying to mix dry & wet food which sometimes makes Lilly gag. But pretty much they’re getting it together.

Tootsie Roll & Scooter have returned to their academic pursuits after a hot hot summer. They study Readin’, writin’ & Rithmatic. They strive for additional Student of the HM honors so they can move along & upward.

Scooter played in his very 1st Little League of the new season. Twins won. Scooter is multi-talented playing 2nd & 3rd base & Short Stop, for which he’s uniquely qualified.
Tootsie Roll attended dance practice. She’s been dancing for some HYs & we got some good pix of the various previous dance revues. Pretty special. & Tootsie Roll loves all the dress up & music & team work to put the show to go on.

They attended various special camps to learn non-academic skills like crafty stuff & insect appreciation. Being in the desert, insect life is specially suited to hot, dry climates.

But departure from the Valley of Casinos & Bling was delayed for Mymi’s flight due to severe thunderstorms. We have been in receipt of many U-Tube vids depicting flash flooding & interstate highway damage. Cars floating down the highway in walls of water. Seems hard to believe a place ordinarily so dry could suddenly be filled with water. Not sure how much it raised the lake level which is way way down. Unpredictable weather patterns for sure.

So Buddy, just want you to know you did a good job of guiding & assisting your family. They are sad at your return to PlanetPluto but they know it was your time. If you ever need to communicate, you know where to connect. I’ll pass it on.
OpalK9 OTJ

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