It being Labor Day & all, we decided to honor the thousands & millions of Americans that over the past several generations of humans helped to build this country, land of the free & home of the brave.

Collective effort has made many things possible for the average citizen:
*:) happy 5 day work week
*O:-) angel fair compensation for a day’s labor
*;) winking labor safety regulations
*:"> blushing child labor laws
*:-* kiss paid vacation & sick leave
*:-B nerd other benefits to families . . . among other things.
So we decided to honor Labor by doing our Litterary duty & picking up trash along our route to the USPO to deliver some bills to be paid for services rendered us & goods & items purchased in the last HM. It’s the least we could do altho truth be told we weren’t todolly prepared having only a couple of produce plastic bags with which to corral the trash & bags of poop Someone forgot to deposit in the appropriate receptacle instead leaving bags of poop in the gutters in our neighborhood. Yoo Hoo Someone. There’s still no Poop Fairy.

At any rate we did collect a couple of bags of trash & other junk which we did deposit in a proper receptacle. We were feeling pretty pleased like we had accomplished a small something in honor of Labor. We deposited our letters in the proper receptacle & proceeded on our way back to our domain.

Then we planted a Jade Plant in a nice pot & placed it on our front porch. We had been nurturing & rooting that plant for a while & it was time.

S’ pretty hot out so we just rested ourselves the remainder of the afternoon on this Labor Day as we can do bc we have holidays thanks to Labor. We were scrolling thru FB when we StumbledUpon a posting from Peach, our very own Peach.

Buddy has passed on to his greater reward & returned to PlanetPluto. Buddy was a good ol’ dog. The best says Peach. He’ll be missed by 1 & all in the Valley of Casinos & Bling. Buddy was a rock solid, regular dog. He was sensible & sincere. Glitz & glam didn’t interest Buddy. Doing his job, guiding & assisting his family interested Buddy & he always did his best to make his family aware when strangers approached the domain. Buddy was a good dog & knew his purpose. Max & Lily have some major paw prints to fill.

Buddy was a regular Joe Dog. We think he would approve of our days efforts. We decided to name our new Jade Plant the Buddy Memorial Jade Plant & it sits guarding our front door. RIP Buddy. OpalK9 OTJ

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