We have a brand new addition to our family & a new human infant. I have a brand new human cousin. Isn’t that awesome!?

Baby JunieBug was whelped by her folks, Photogirl & PoBoy 3 days ago. This turn of events has made my AuntieTeach & UncaT very happy. & my GrannyJen & GrampyFrank very happy & proud indeed.

JunieBug was gestating in her Mum’s Tum just 1 HM when GrandSire passed on to a greater reward. But everyone thinks & believes he is smiling down upon this happy & momentous occasion & shared it with GrandDam. Everyone is pleased & proud.

Humans often bestow 3 names upon their pups. A 1st name, a given-name. A 2nd given name & a family name. That one’s not a given. I guess you sorta inherit it or something. Far be it for me to explain human naming conventions. However JunieBug’s 2nd given name is after GrandDam that I never met. GrandSire’s mate. Everyone thinks that’s pretty cool.

Photogirl & PoBoy reside in a big town far far away & eastward of here, the Great State of CA. They reside in Chi-Town in IL. I think I flew over it or pretty near a couple of times but I never actually set 4 paws on the ground there. Which is kinda sad as it makes it difficult for me to carry out my duties & responsibilities to guide & assist JunieBug, now in her 3rd day of residence upon AnimalPlanet.com. But JunieBug has Otis to guide & assist. & Caani & Scusi who reside with UncaT & AuntieTeach. I rest assured & am confident JunieBug is in capable paws. But if you ever need help or advice, guys, we’re connected.

The whole family, all over the US, thinks that’s pretty darned cool. & isn’t that awesome. OpalK9 OTJ

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