I mentioned all the trials & tribulations my BFFs at Doc’s place were having. Fire. Evacuation. Return & get resettled. Make sure the horses return safe & sound too. Horses hadda be evacuated by trailer & alla the friends & neighbors pitched in to help & shelter horses. Some of the horsies were trailer-shy & hadda shelter in place. A scary situation to be sure.

So no sooner did everyone get returned safe & sound to the ranch, than the big, uber- super-important dog show came up & Caruso hadda strut his stuff. So that’s what Caruso did.

Caruso hadda git fluffed & blow dried. He hadda look his super best. He hadda flawlessly interfaced with his show handler, Collin. He paid close attention to all what was going on. Caruso shined above alla the other Sammys in the competition. Caruso took home the Blue Ribbon.

That Caruso. He’s a trooper in the face of adversity. He did his home & family proud. Doc was oh so please & gratified. That Caruso. He’s a hero! Whatta Dog!


Wish I coulda added my pix but still learning new & improved, updated & simplified(?) blogging platform. What’s a dog to do?

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