So . . . things are finally getting back to normal . . . whatever that is these days.  Doc & the K9s returned home to the ranch on like . . . Tuesday.  Everyone was pooped & dog tired but most happy & elated to be home again. There’s no place like home.  Horses got returned to their corrals the next day.  Everyone was so happy to be reunited.  Doc is most grateful to those generous neighbors who sheltered her equine family.  There’s no place like home for anyone.
My Fuh-Leaz problem is reaching resolution.  I been taking those yucky pink pills with my meals.  Not that I want to but Mymi hides them in my meat & kibble.  Kinda hard to hide ’em under my Dog Bowl.  Eventually Mymi picks it up & discovers my subterfuge.  Things can get unpleasant then.  Much easier to just swallow the medicine. Grin & bear it.
Dr.True also told Mymi I should have an Oatmeal Bath.  So we found our way over to Honest Dog which usedta be LaunderDog when I went there before with Joanna.  They got big tubs with long ramps you gotta walk up in order to get into the tub so your partner can spray you with water & soap you up with shampoo . . . oatmeal shampoo.  I tried to be the best & most patient dog possible during the launderdog & blow dry experience.  But Mymi’s technique is not near as good as Joanna’s.  She has the right touch.  Be that as it may, we got through OK.  Mymi purchased a nice soft wire brush to brush my fur out so it doesn’t get all matted & we hafta shave it again.
Upon arrival at home that particular day, we completed some other chores by way of clearing out MySpace that had heretofore been occupied with stuff we took from GrandSire’s residence & have been trying to figure out the proper method of distribution or disposal.  It’s a slow process.  Since that time, Mymi has been lamenting the misplacement or loss of a couple of key items.  House, mail box & gate padlock keys being 1 such item.  The other being an earwig that permits us to talk on our phone whilst doing other things.  Mymi had just about given up ever seeing them again.  She was making other arrangements for my AuntieJudy to access My Domain when she comes to take me Walkies.
Then upon early completion of our Walkies this morning, bc it’s so very hot & dry in our drought stricken valley, Mymi set about brushing my teeth & coat. She likes to sit in a chair by the car door opening while doing this & guess what?  She discovered those very same items, key chain & earwig on another chair.  She was so elated & congratulated my sniffing & sleuthing skills.  She said she owed that discovery all to me, OpalK9. Now all is clear & contained & back to regular order.

palK9 OTJ

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