OMG! Fuh-Fleas & Frack. We have a todolly precarious situation going on right here in my region. My BFF, Doc & her ranch family hadda evacuate & leave home due to major fire outbreak in a location nearby to them.

The pups, Kiwi & Caruso, Missy & LadyDi, & the rest of those bros & sistahs & cuzzins, they got evacuated & they are doing time in a Spa & Resort here in MyValley. Spokesman Rhetty says it was todolly cool for a night. They never spent time at a Spa & Resort & they kinda dig the newness & luxury of the whole gig. But approaching Night #2, well it’s getting a little old. They wanna go home again to familiar surroundings.

All but 2 of the horsies got evacuated to shelter with friends & family in the area. Everyone is concerned about those left behind. Tho fire itself isn’t threatening their Space but smoke is heavy-duty.

The remainder of the family is sheltered with SistahCay here in MyValley. Skies are kinda clouded up with smoke here in MyValley but it’s better than back home at the ranch.

We listened to news about the Sand Fire. It has grown in size to 4K acres. 1200 humans have been evacuated from the area. No count of the critters & non-human population. It’s about 50% contained but digits are crossed that Delta Breezes won’t fan the flames & the fire get outta control again. Hard to predict with it being so hot & dry & all.

We consult Doc’s FB page for updates regularly. No signal as yet as to when they can return Home Again. We’re glad everyone is safe for the moment. We wish them a safe & speedy return home. My laptop & tablet & phone are on, waiting for happy updates, Doc. Call me.

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