I hadda go to My Personal Health Care Specialist the other day. MyVet. Just a regular check up. Nothing to worry about.

1st we spoke with PupTech. He was very nice. I hadda get up on the scale. I’m at my slim & trim Fighting Weight. That’s good. Good & average heart rate. Blood pressure . . . just fine. & then he hadda take my temp. Not fun. But OK in the K9 Good Health Manual according to PupTech.

We chatted with him a while. He speaks good K9. He wondered if there were any special circumstances that brought us in today & we mentioned that I have been scratching & chewing a lot of late. Seems lately my belly itches . . . something fierce. So he took all the relevant info & left to consult with MyVet . . . . Dr.True.

Dr.True is very nice also. She sat on the floor to commune directly with me which was very nice. She said I am really healthy. Good heart. Good teeth. (That’s double good bc Mymi always says GrandDam would come & haunt her if a critter entrusted to her care developed unhealthy teeth & gums.) Mentally alert & sharp. (That makes 1 of us.)

Dr.True continued on to say that the probable cause of my itching & scratching is Fuh-Leas. Umbelieveable! We administer flea & tick treatment rigorously & ritually. End of the HM? Time for flea treatment.

But Dr.True says it’s easy to pick up random Fuh-Leas in the parks & playground where they mighta come offa other critters that inhabit & play in the park. Like squirrels & other rodents. They carry Fuh-Leas Big Time. It’s part of my duty & responsibility to keep squirrels & cats out of my yard, My Domain. But whattaya gonna do in open space, public parks & playgrounds. Open fields & down in drainage ditches? It’s just impossible.

So Dr.True prescribed medicine to stop the itch & she had the matted fur on my belly shaved. That makes my usual location on the cool floor even cooler in this summer heat wave we are experiencing. While they were at it, they trimmed my nails, all of them. Now I move silently along the sidewalks & pathways. No clackity nails. This assists in my guide & assist responsibilities. So this was a good visit to MyVet.

MyVet also wanted a fecal sample just for reference purposes. I didn’t really know how I was gonna manage that since I didn’t know what fecal sample was. But the mystery was cleared up this morning on our early early walkies bc it’s hot by our usual walkies time. Mymi picked up my deposit in the park just like always in the Plastic Poop Bag. Instead of redepositing it in the proper container, she put the bag in the car & drove away with it. Curiouser & Curiouser. But I think that satisfies all the requirements of My Health Check Up.

Fuh-Leas & Frack. The new F-Bombs in our Domain.

OpalK9 OTJ

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