It’s been crazy busy around here the last couple a weeks. The very best most fun we had was going to Lavender Farm in Apple Hill. That’s a lotta miles away from here but not nearly as many as my Road Trip some HY ago. THAT was a lotta miles.

We went to Lavender Farm to meetup with my AuntieK9Lvr. She is visiting MyValley from the Valley of Casinos & Bling. She comes here often to visit her offsprings, pups & grandpups. She loves Lavender. She says it has calming & soothing properties. It’s also very versatile & can be used in many ways. It’s very pretty in the fields & it smells heavenlyyyyy! Much better than . . . well some a the stuff I sniff in my travels.

My AuntieK9Lvr did’t know I was coming & it was a grand surprise. I love meeting my BFFs. Expanding my friends & family, my network & support system. My AuntieK9Lvr rescues lost & abused dogs & she has 3 at home in the Valley of Casinos & Bling. Snickers & Violet & Chance. We hit it off just famously. Wouldn’t it be cool if Me n Lily & Max & Buddy meetup sometime with Snickers & Violet & Chance? In your dreams, OpalK9.

Following our tour of Lavender Farm, all calmed & relaxed & refreshed, we visited Ol’ Hangtown. It’s kinda old school town. Lotsa little shops & restaurants. Mymi resided there once upon a time. #1Son attended to his education there. So Mymi regaled us with lotsa insider’s insights about the place. It was . . . informative.

Upon returning to the Flatlands, Mymi & AuntieK9Lvr dropped me off here at My Domain so they could go to a Garden Party hosted by OFA_CA. AuntieK9Lvr participates in OFA_NV. Our CA family was most pleased & delighted to welcome her. It’s good to broaden one’s network & horizons. Then Mymi returned AuntieK9Lvr to her family’s Domain. It was fun to meet my AuntieK9Lvr. I learned a lot about Lavender & chillin’ out. Lavender high.

Now we can get ready & look forward to our next sojourn which we’re starting to do. On our Walkies today we spotted a neighbor who accidentally left sprinklers on with water running rapidly into the storm drain. We knocked on the door & reminded him the water was running away. He was pleased we let him know. Water is getting scary scarce around here these days.

Nearing the end of our Walkies, we met Lola, looking all lost & confused. Lola’s a nice K9 & we sniffed politely. She wears a tag says her name is Lola. Gives Lola’s home address. But she didn’t know where that was. She couldn’t get Home Again. So we brought Lola here to our domain while we searched Lola’s home. Lola was so excited to find friendly shelter, she jumped in my pool. But she couldn’t get out. We pulled her out. Gave her some water to drink. & then she pulled us along toward somewhere. She wasn’t sure.

We double-Walkiesed today taking Lola home. Good ol’ googlemaps. I couldn’ta found a place I never been before & Lola was just too scared & confused to turn around & backtrack. So it feels real good to be sure Lola is safe Home Again. I hope her Mama covers her with Lavender & hugs so she won’t wander off again.

Now I look forward to returning to MySpa & resort for a visit. Mymi’s goin’ eastward to New Englasnd. I met enough BFFs, friends & family to do me for a while. I’m gonna order Lavender pillows for my crate. & Lavender shampoo for my grooming.
OpalK9 OTJ

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