dday770 HY ago, which is a long time ago, Allied troops began the invasion of Normandy. That’s in France which is across the country & across a big wide ocean from my St8. The Gr8 St8 of CA. Allied troops were trying to stop Hitler in his 1/2 tracks & save AnimalPlanet.com from the Nazzis & other hate groups.

I learned a lot about this war fought by the Greatest Generation, GrandSire’s generation. I followed Mymi & GrandSire thru a couple a reunions & studied information available to an intrepid reporter of the K9 persuasion. We, here at Todo Chronicles, are dedicated to factual reporting.

We watched on TV this evening the stories of 4 Greatest Generationers who participated in the Longest Day, DDay, the Invasion of Normandy. They were young men, just pups with 2 legs. They were determined to do their job. They knew their purpose. Then they returned Home Again. They went to school. Got an education. Went to work. Had families. Moved On.

But they never forgot the sounds & images, the noise & terror of that day & the days that followed. So they thought it would be a real good idea to return & see what changes occurred in those 70 HY.

They are a very impressive buncha guys. They were bent with age but still determined. They remembered & described the details of their experience, big & small. They wanted to share their experience with their sons & grandsons & great-grandsons in the hopes that such Global Destruction never eVer happens again. Some of their offsprings are veterans of Iraq & Afghanistan. They were overwhelmed with the enormity & accomplishment of DDay. Maybe the Greatest Generation will get their wish . . . or maybe not.

GrandSire did not land on the beaches of Normandy. He followed in the 2nd & 3rd wave of liberators of France & Europe. He never talked much about his experiences & memories. But his reunions with his Black Hawk Brothers in Arms were very important to him.

Unfortunately GrandSire could not see the 70th anniversary of #DDAY70. He woulda been proud of his Generation. We’ll watch & learn. & hope to live up to the examples set by the Greatest Generation.
OpalK9 OTJ


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