Of late, we been taking our Walkies earlier in the morning, while it’s still coolish out of doors. Cuz it’s hot here of late. Doggoned HOT. Like 100 degrees this very moment in My Valley & it’s only the 15th of May. So I gotta Gitalong Lil Doggie & gitalong HomeAgain early each day so I can rest up & stay outta the withering sunshine in MyDomain, on the cool cement floor.

So I gotta tell ya . . . I believe in Climate Change. Big Time. I believe it’s real. It’s happening now. Not waiting for human timeframes. I believe it’s affecting us all, humans & all critters from mountaintops to the oceans deep. & I believe it’s costing economies way more than is being saved when humans stick their collective heads in the sand & continue to deny what’s as plain & clear as the nose on my face.

I believe it’s the result of human activity since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. & even if it isn’t the result of human activity, can humans continue the present standard of living? Seems unlikely when there is so much investment in beachfront property around Whatter they gonna do? Deny oceans rising therefore it won’t occur?

Just look how the climate has changed just in my lifetime in my state, the Great State of CA. We didn’t useta have long hot springs or so many devastating fires. We didn’t usedta have devastating drought years so close together. We just didn’t. Across the nation, fires, floods, snow, drought, stronger & stronger storms, hurricanes & tornadoes. We didn’t usedta have tornadoes here in my state, the Great State of CA. But we gottem now, whatever the Weatherman says. Alla this wild & unpredictable weather is costing a lotta money, which is kinda tight right now, if I understand alla the budgeteers & bankers. So whatta ya gonna do, humans? Keep sitting on your hands, those symbols of human superiority? While the rest of us just gotta Gitalong. Gitalong Lil Doggie. OpalK9 OTJ

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