It’s time once again to wish all the Mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day. So if you are a mother or you have (had) a mother, we here at Todo Chronicles want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

Mymi says GrandDam usedta put red carnations on herself & UncaT. That was to show that their mother, GrandDam herself, was still non-deceased. GrandDam would wear a red carnation to honor her very own mother who was many, many HY deceased & long gone. It was to GrandDam that fell the task of looking out for, guiding & assisting Cuzzin Peggins & PortraitMan’s mom, my AuntieM. AuntieM was GrandDam’s littermate, though she was only 6 HY of age. So if effect, GrandDam was a mom from a very young & tender age.

I myself, was a mother at a young & tender age. & tho those litters were not of my choosing, I loved each & every one of my offspring. There were many before I was rescued by my AuntieKim.

You may not remember me Odette & Olivia, Octavia & Oksana & Oscar, Oprah & Oliver, Olga & Ophira, Obadiah & Opaline, Ondine & Ottavia & alla you other O’Dogs out there. If you were whelped in CA in HY 2005 & 2006, you bear an O name & you are an AussieDoodle, you may be my offspring, & a Respectable Offspring of Great Todo. Be proud. You have noble blood running in you.

I’m sure you are all wonderful moms, guiding & assisting your partners. Guiding & assisting your offspring. Happy Mother’s Day one & all.

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