We have been tryin’ to continue as per usual these days since our duties don’t necessarily require a daily visit to The Pond. We can vary our schedules & routes. Variety makes things more interesting, don’tcha think?

Well anyway, whatever. We don’t follow the same routes every Walkies these days. But occasionally we like to visit The Pond & deliver our Nat Geo for the folks there to read & enjoy. They can put it in the libary there at The Pond or give a buncha them to the Public Libary System. Ya know, we’re all for recycling & repurposing.

So when we go to The Pond, we follow our once usual route . . . around the corners, thru the park, past Jesus’s Center of Worship & Learning (which apparently isn’t an oxymoron in our community) & on down the Blvd. to The Pond.

We always hafta carry extra sized poop bags, aka plastic grocery bags, to pick up the Litter & Recycling items left on the roadway & in the gutters, on the lawns & especially on the landscaped parkways in front of Jesus’s Place & The Pond.

I mean we got trash trucks & recycling trucks comin’ thru our neighborhood 2/week. There are proper receptacles located in public places. All sorts of services & facilities to control & discourage unsitely & perhaps destructive Litter. & still people miss or can’t seem to hit those facilities. Or they just don’t want to use them. Perhaps it’s a statement of Civil Disobedience altho I can’t imagine what the point might be.

Still & all, I guess we should be grateful & happy . . . they still need us around here. Annie says it’s true in FL-land. So we’ll continue to be Litterary Activists in Action. Unsung Heroes Saving 1 Trash Bag at at Time. We all gotta do our part to reduce waste, conserve resources & reduce dependence on fossil fuel energy. OpalK9 OTJ

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