We stopped by to chat with Charlie & Clarissa the other day. They were having a garage sale. They were selling their camping gear. Tents & sleeping bags. Cook stoves & lanterns. They were selling the utility trailer to haul alla that stuff around in. I guess they are quitting the camping bidness for good & all.

They were quite chatty & friendly, as usual. We asked after you, Clarabelle. That’s when they told us they lost you about a HMonth ago. They are very sad about that.

We said . . . Well did you look everywhere? Did you put up signs for a lost Clarabelle? We see those signs all the time.

They responded, politely, . . . No. No. Clarabelle departed this Mortal Sphere about a month ago for wherever Good Dogs go. We miss her very much.

Thennnnn we got it. So we wanted to make them feel better, all warm & fuzzy. We assured them you have gone to PlanetPluto, where all good dogs go. Back to Great Todo who once walked among us here on AnimalPlanet.com.

Charlie & Clarissa seemed reassured by this new revelletorious information. So we said we would txt msg you to find out how they can contact you directly. We will be sure to fwd this vital information on to Charlie & Clarissa as soon as we receive it. Opening up direct channels of communication btw yourself & C&C.

You were a good dog here on AnimalPlanet.com, Clarabelle. You knew your purpose. You were an Aussie just like me. Only you were Red Merle & somewhat larger in stature than myself. But those minor differences in fur color & outward appearances only serve to give our marvelous & wonderful breed diversity & sensitivity. Why I bet you herded sheep & squirrels, chatted with magpies & crows & bluejays & did all the things any Self-Respecting Offspring of Great Todo would do . . . in your day.

So pls send us ur contact # so we can put it in our Contacts Folder & Fwd it to Charlie & Clarissa. They will be so pleased to hear from you & know all is well with you on PlanetPluto.

Say Hi to Puffin & Lomax, Honey & Wizzie. Say hi to all our BFFs that have returned to PlanetPluto. & if you see GrandSire passing thru, say a special hi. We miss him. Thanks. We’ll be lookin’ for your reply. OpalK9 OTJ

FYI: We’re gettin’ rain here in the Gr8 St8 of CA. Not a lot. Not enough to ease the Gr8 Drought that’s dryin’ up our water sources. But rain nonetheless. So no fear. CA won’t dry up & blow away just yet. B-)

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