We are sooooo jazzed. Mymi finally got together with our very most Twitter BFF, DogLoverDonna.

We met DogLoverDonna on Twitter during a recent campaign. It seemed fated to happen. See DogLoverDonna has had several different Twitter Handles. We met her as DogLovers4Obama. She’s moved on to other causes but we catch up with her. We follow her everywhere.

DogLoverDonna lives in the Valley of Casinos & Bling. You guessed it. Right in the same valley as #1Son & MyFamily. Peach, TootsieRoll, Scooter, Lily, Buddy & Max.

She’s, of course, as her Twitter Handle suggests, is a dog lover, as are we . . . obviously. When she’s not Tweeting & linking & pressing the Cause, she volunteers at various animal shelters. She adopts dogs tossed from cars. (Can you imagine doing such a horrible & inhumane thing? Can you imagine surviving such a horrible & inhumane existance?) She protests auctioning off dogs as a means to keep kill shelters operating.(What kind of a mixed message is that? Sometimes humans are so hard to fathom.)

DogLoverDonna’s female offspring resides right here in MyValley, near us, in the Gr8 St8 of CA. So DogLoveDonna is GrandDam to 2 little kiddies. & GrandDamming brings its responsibilities. So that’s why Mymi & DogLoverDonna didn’t meet face to face until now. Because they always heretofore had been crossing paths like ships passing in the night across mountain & desert. Mymi’s been going to the Valley of Casinos & Bling to visit MyFamily & extend my paw to Lily, Buddy & Max, whilst Donna’s been coming here to MyValley to visit her family for the very important human holidays. Ships passing in the night. There are no coincidences. OpalK9 OTJ

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