Yesterday, here in My Valley, was a beauty. All sparklie & sun shiney. Our Walkies was just splendifferous. I got to explore old hiways & byways in a new light. So grand to live in My Valley where the sun always shines & there’s plenty for all of everything.

NOT! KidDING! April Fools. Hadjya goin’ there, didn’t I. Actually (as Tootsie Rolls says very authoritatively) it was wet & rainy. & rained all day. & we began our Walkies btw downpours but didn’t end it that way. Luckily Mymi donned her rain protection gear & I did too. Well I wear my rain protection gear all the time, rain or shine. But my gear got pretty wet & it took me the rest of the day to dry out.

So now that we got all that rain & our reservoirs & water supplies are half-full. Now that winter finally arrived here in My Valley, we don’t hafta worry about such inconveniences as water conservation, other resource conservation or Global Climate Change anymore. We don’t hafta worry or believe or anything now. It’s all good & nothing can stand in the way of profit. Profit. Or the Prophets of Profit. Right?

Wrong. NOT! KidDing again! Gotcha. That was another April Fools.

Myself, personally, & I know I’m just a dog here. But personally, I don’t see how humans can deny Global Climate Change is the result of human activity. How dumb do they think us critters are?

Humans can move mountains. They can change the course of mighty rivers. They can dig far beyond the capacity of any critter to get what they seek & desire. They can dig under oceans. They can shoot spacecraft far beyond the atmosphere of AnimalPlanet.com. They can split atoms & blow anything they want to up.

Additionally, there are far, far more humans on this planet than ever existed in all of AnimalPlanet.com history combined. They all need the basics; food, water, air to breathe, shelter. They all generate certain emissions. They are using up resources faster than those resources can be replenished.

They accomplish these unbelievable feats with fossil fuels. Dirty, expensive fossil fuels. So why WOULDN’T Global Climate Change far, far beyond anything experienced on this planet in all the billions & billions of HY that it’s been around, NOT be caused & accelerated by human activity.

I just don’t get it. Perhaps that’s why I’m still just a dog. I guess if humans chose to believe the earth is flat & only 6K HY old, & they were put here fully formed, they can chose to believe that radical changes in the earth’s atmosphere are not attributable to their own activity. IMHO it’s just gonna hasten their departure from the whole shebang. Prolly other critters too but I won’t be around so who cares?

Hope you had a good April Fools Day too, 4-1-14. OpalK9 OTJ

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