FYI GrandSire: just so you know, everybody made it Home Again OK from your Memorial Service & Celebration for which all but a few important players in your circle of BFFs gathered in FL-land to pay respects & say the Last So Long. Myself being amongst those that were unable to attend.

My UncaT & AuntieTeach, Treeman & RunninMum along with BabyMak returned Home Again to New England just prior to getting Nor’easter Bombed. They survived the high winds with no snow due to the fact they are getting used to such radical & unpredictable weather patterns as they have been gettin’ pummeled with just such weather all this long & cold winter. Humans can adapt. AuntieTeach’s Mama & Da could not, in the end, make the trip as Mama got pretty sickly but she’s getting better with proper medical attention.

PhotoGirl & PoBoy arrived from ChiTown. PhotoGirl being much accustomed to flying all around AnimalPlanet.com. They returned Home Again to ChiTown ahead of the Polar Express. PhotoGirl is going to produce another generation of family to join Tootsie Roll, Scooter & BabyMak. Lots of pix were taken so this generation will know from whom they are descended.

Mymi & GolferNut returned Home Again. They remained behind in FL-land to watch DWTS with GMama & Annie. They had a great time even if the most obvious of contestants was not eliminated on the 1st Double Elimination. Annie said it was fun. Wish I coulda been there. More about that later.

The Memorial & Celebration were attended by many old friends & immediate family members. There was GMama, of course. Annie didn’t get to attend as theses were held at a cemetery & restaurant altho I bet she woulda represented K9Nation just fine. There was Sam the Man & Donna, Lloyd the Whiz, old & dear BFFs of yourself & GrandDam. There were Eleanor & Jake & Shirley, offspring of dear old BFFs, Wes & Opal (not to be confused with myself, OpalK9). & an additional Travelers Brat, Scott, offspring of Bob & Mary, attended all the way from San Francisco. Hey that’s in my state, the gr8 st8 of CA.

Mymi & UncaT put slideshows on their notepads. Tootsie Roll & Scooter pursued their artistic endeavors. BabyMak made noise & racket with the Best of the 2HYr Olds. She’s a gr8 addition to the family.

I was not able to attend as Mymi couldn’t quite arrange to fly me across country once again. Besides, as Annie points out, FL-land is not the most pet friendly place in the world. That may have something to do with hungry gators in the ponds. I dunno about that. I’m Just a Dog.

Now we’re going to say farewell. Mymi & UncaT delivered you back Home Again to be with GrandDam. But if you ever want to know what’s goin’ on down here on AnimalPlanet.com or you just wanna tweet a friendly hello, you know where to find me. Tweet, txt, email from wherever it is that humans go. I’ll be sure to pass on your msg.

So long. It was good knowin’ you. You were a good influence on many humans you met thru your long lifetime. It was an honor knowin’ you & being your Guide & Assistant. You were & are a Grand Old Gentleman.

Your BFF
OpalK9 OTJ

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