Dude! So you know. We’re having a Rally in My Valley. We wanna stop Fracking in My State, the Great State of CA. No Frickin’ Frackin’ in CA.

CA is not just Fuzzy Headed Liberals, Hippies, Treehuggers & Surfer Dudes. There’s a lot of us that just plain don’t want CA Fracked Up.

So we’re calling on thousands & millions of CA citizens to the steps of the Capitol of this, the Great State of CA, 8th largest economy in AnimalPlanet.com. We wanna ‘splain to Gov. Moonbeam what a todolly bad, bad idea fracking is. It’s obsolete & wasteful technology which fuels the use of other obsolete & wasteful technologies. It benefits a few, namely Big Oil & Coal, Koch Suckers. Mother Frackers. Don’t Frack With CA.

Did’ja know CA is in the midst of a great big drought? That means we don’t have enough water as it is. So To Frack or Not To Frack requires millions & millions of gallons of fresh water which is mixed up of lots & lots of toxic (to humans & other critters) substances. This toxic sludge is then pumped at very high pressure into the ground in order to extract oil from rock in order to run AnimalPlanet.com, the billions & billions of humans now inhabiting AnimalPlanet.com. So while there isn’t enough water now, some Special Interests want to use up more in order to get oil. I ask you, which would you rather drink, oil or water. Myself, personally, I chose water every time.

Additionally, did’ja know CA is prone to earthquakes, sitting as we are on the edge of Techtonic Plates & Subduction Zones. Why, 1 Earthquake, Back in the Day, todolly Fracked Up the Big City of San Francisco before Fracking & before the Bay Area was such a Big Power House in My State of CA. In those O States where there’s already Fracking, they are having earthquakes & rollers. I mean, it’s the Midwest, Dude. Not Earthquake Prone.

It’s not like CA is populated with only Hippie Dippies & Flower Children, Pot Smokers & Surfer Dudes. We gotta lotta folks Techie Oriented, Media Savvy & Todolly Connected. We got Silicon Valley. We got some Solid Thinkers & we got infrastructure for Sustainable & Renewable Energy to take us into the 22nd Century. We, here in CA, just don’t need to dig deeper into this Bottomless Pit of Waste & Greed. When you get to the bottom of a hole, quit digging. Who would know better than myself about digging holes?

All of you, my BFFs in CA, you oughta be there tomorrow to tell Gov. Moonbeam . . . Fracking is just a bad, bad idea. We don’t need more bad ideas. (So are the Tunnels. Stop the Tunnels. Save the Delta.) Come to the Rally in My Valley. People are coming from all over My State, the Great State of CA. OpalK9 OTJ

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