We went for Walkies the other day. Went by The Pond, where GrandSire’s domain was. We wanted to drop off a couple of Nat Geos & say hi to all the good people there. We usedta drop off Nat Geos for GrandSire to enjoy & then he would pass them on to the The Pond Lending Library & Reading Room for other residents to enjoy. They always liked that.

The Pond has changed quite a bit since our regular stops there. Steve is now the Go To Guy What’s In Charge. We didn’t see Debi or Mary, helpful nursing staff & good friends of GrandSire. Steve did report they now have activities 7 days/HW which is good for the residents. They like the action. Dining is restaurant style now instead of dormitory style . . . not sure, zackly, what that means but Steve says it’s a good thing. Steve says we’re welcome back anytime. Mymi said she’d like to put in reservations for when she needs such a facility which shouldn’t be too long now at the rate she’s going. We declined an invitation for coffee as I, myself, personally don’t drink the stuff. Not nearly as good or good for a dog as gutter water after a spring rain. The Pond is a-changing & it’s not the same, specially without GrandSire there.

Upon exiting The Pond, we proceeded toward the Park & Middle School whereupon we met up with Lucy & Ethel & their Person that they are in charge of Guiding & Assisting. Lucy & Ethel did a good job when they usedta visit folks at the entry to GrandSire’s side of The Pond. Lucy & Ethel report that several former residents are also gone on to meet their Maker & they are missed.

We strolled thru the park but it was a gray, dreary day & only the school kiddies were out taking physical exercise. We proceeded to the home of JanThurs & Daisy Duke Dog who were home & we sat & chatted with them for a time. Autumn the Cat was in seclusion as usual but I wished her a G’Day just to be polite. JanThurs was baking peanut butter cookies & well you know how I feel about peanut butter. But I didn’t get any even with putting my Best Begging Practices to use. Which is so todolly unfair.

I thought after our Walkies thru old places, that I might feel that the big spot where GrandSire usedta be might feel less empty but I guess it doesn’t. I been communing with the box where GrandSire rests temporarily right now. No one said but I can sniff his essence & I know he’s in there. I sit & give that box. my Ol’ Aussie Stare when no one’s around of course. However there’s all kinds of conversation & activity & I know that box will be gone soon & GrandSire will be returned to FLland to be reunited with GranDam so they will be Together Forever.

It is most disturbing to me that there are no plans for me to make this trip. I was a big part of GrandSire’s life, mostly since I can remember & certainly for the last 56K9Y. Mymi & my Aunti GMama agree FLland is not the most K9 friendly place on & I guess that conclusion is supported by my BFF Annie. & I kind of remember being booted out of the some surprising places during my stays in FLland.

Makes me sad that I can’t be included but I know my place. I’m Just A Dog. I’ll remain here in CA, loyal & loving & say my final farewells to GrandSire in the Box. OpalK9OTJ

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