I been studyin’ up very carefully, doin’ my homework on this brand new-fangled, Up-to-Date, New & Improved Calculatin’ Machine that’s s’poseda solve somma hunanity’s most complex problems. S’backed by NASA & CIA Spooks. It costs alotta $. Operates at 459 degs below 0. & nobody knows zackly how it works. It’s called the Finity Machine.

With all that glowing description, it’s hard not to see the comparison between the Finity Machine & the Atom Bomb. Seems to have the same pedigree. Humans discover a buncha atoms. They don’t know zackly what to do with them so they decide to Smash ‘Em. They put lots Uber-Intelligent Researchers to work to build a bomb which they splode to mixed results. But that worked so well, they build great big, expensive Super Colliders & smash atoms against each other. That made a smaller, controlled slosion so they decide to smash more & see what else they could blow up. Or perhaps use this energy for other purposes. But nobody really knows how it works or what the cumulative results will be from 1 such splosion 50 or 100 HY later. On themselves or other species or Or what to do with the waste product or a whole lotta other what ifs they don’t care to speculate upon.

I’m not so sure some currently pressing issues need to be resolved with such sophisticated & speculative machines such as the Finity Machine. As presently pressing human issues seem to be running out of resources such as water & salt. I mean who knew water & salt resources were not limitless, renewable & sustainable. Who knew they weren’t placed on specifically for human consumption & profit? & who knew these would become so vital & important as a result of prior human activity? Who knew?

So I’m not all that positive & enthusiastic as to the human wisdom of the pursuit of yet another mind-boggling discovery that is the Answer to All Human Problems & Prayers. I wish humans would figure out how to co-exist on our Home Planet with all other critters sharing this space & sphere. & quit seeking Savior Miracles. Is the Finity Machine that good an idea when no one knows how it works & it costs sooooo much money? & what the negative short & long-term effects might be. Humans mighta benefitted from such speculation about the use of fossil fuels.

Just sayin’…still just a dog. OpalK9 OTJ,9171,2164806,00.html

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