I gotta go for a ride in fthe rain last HW. On the only day it rained to any amount in months, Human Months. My new BFF, Golfernut, wanted to take us for a ride. Me n Mymi looked at each other & agreed . . . Why not?

They used my bathmats from Mymi’s n my Auto to make a MySpace for me in Golfernut’s vehicle & away we went up to the Foothils, tho to be sure, not up to where it snows! It was so fun riding along, looking out the window & watching the water rivulets grow into cricks & streams & well we didn’t get to the rivers but I’m sure they were growing.

It has been later reported that the rain brought our total water reserves from 17% to 25% which is a good thing. I still do not understand why it took until CA Officialdom until we only had only 17% of water remaining to declare State of Emergency. Even with the added water we’re still in Drought Situation. But that’s just me . . . Just a Dog.

We got out of the Auto in a place named NVCity which is an old town built on slant-wise streets which I am personally unaccustomed to. My neighborhood & community, MyTurf is flat. But I did my best to keep up while exploring & sniffing out todolly new terrain for me. It was interesting exploring new territory with the added plus of doing all this in the misty foggy rain. So fun. So new. So different.

We returned to the vehicle & proceeded on a homeward path. I was so warm & cozy in MySpace I didn’t even care that Mymi & Golfernut went into a Human Restaurant to eat. We were home soon enough & I got my evening kibble & Peanut Butter Pig Ear.

At home, we explored further uncharted territory on the TV machine by watching a show about Beetles. Heretofore, my familiarity with Beetles has been they are todally silent & scurry about on many legs. These Beetles seem to be far more sensational & long lasting than any Beetles within my Comfort Zone. They did a lotta singing & so did their friends. Mymi was singing along & jivving to the music which is not necessarily a pleasing sound to K9 ears. Certainly not like Elvis. But she seemed to enjoy it.

So now I am todolly down with being a Daytripper & Sunday Rider Too.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my BFFs. OpalK9 OTJ

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