It rained here in MyValley last week. Now I’m ordinarily a Pro-Sun Dog. I like to run & play in the sunshine. Chase cats & chat with squirrels in the sunshine. I love to snooze in the sunshine by my pool & spa in my back yard domain. Sunshine warms my coat & dries out my bones from a good nite’s sleep on the floor or in my crate.

But I can be a Pro-Rain Dog too, when necessity calls for a modification of position. Rain brings on pretty sunrises. It promotes colorful flower bloomage. It makes for heavenly rolls in the grass. A good rain leaves plenty of water in the storm drain gutters. IMHO the best source of drinking water eVer. & it leaves the grass covered with dewdrops oh so sweet for grazing in the parks.

So I don’t mind a day or 2 of rain, now & then. Which is just what the dr. ordered last week. This morning it’s back to relentless sunshine & little breeze. Gonna be another great dry day. So I don’t think we’ll have to worry about calling FEMA for a bail out from disastrous storms anytime soon. May hafta call FEMA for water imports. But hey! We got Evian, Dasani, Arrowhead, Crystal Geyser & other bottled water companies to depend on. I won’t mind skipping a bath or 2 . . . for the cause. Until it rains in Rains in SoCA & Pours in NoCA.

I don’t think the aforementioned torrential rains zackly brought up the water level of our lakes & reservoirs from before the rains came. Maybe we shoulda started statewide water conservation before the lakes & reservoirs reached 17% of normal! I know I’m just a dog. Just sayin’. . . OpalK9 OTJ

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