We hadda go to the park today so Mymi could throw the ball for me. Mymi’s not feeling too perky at the moment so she didn’t zackly feel like Walkies . . . for the 2nd day in a row! Even tho it’s just perfectly gorgeous Walkies weather. Relentlessly sunny & dry & no breeze to speak of.

But I enjoy playing Catch too cuz Mymi uses the ChuckIt. Gives her an Arm . . . when she controls it. When we 1st arrive, it takes a few practice throws to get the ball far far far away. But then when she finally get the hang of it, I can run & run & get my speed & agility up. Keep my eye on the ball. Make that end over Tea Kettle Catch

But I always bring my A Game. That’s cuz I’m a Natural Born Athlete. Determined Competitor. Awesome Ball Handler. I always, always always practice Sportsmanlike Conduct. Cuz I’m a Good Sport. & I don’t give Post Game Interviews . . . eVer. OpalK9 OTJ

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