Usually what happens is . . . when Mymi says . . . C’mon OpalK9. Wanna go for a ride? . . . I wind up at MySpa & Resort. So that’s what I suspected when Mymi offered a ride yesterday. Oh yah. Here we go again’s what I thought.

Much to my surprise, however, we went over to the Park on the River Dry. We met some friends & went for the most bestest Walkies eVer in a long long time.

I ran & ran over the rocky beach to the water. There were ducks & geese & other Water Foul floating on the River. I just hadda splash out & say hi to them. I only paddled a little way across the River to them. They were kinda stuckup to a new face & they swam away. Oh well. Catch you next time, Guys.

Mymi & friends walked along the shore & chatted. I hadda continue my inspection of this long unseen habitat. I ran thru the tall dry shore grasses & reeds. They could hardly see me the plants are so tall. I hadda jump up & down to keep track, guide & assist them. They were chatting about ACAs & OFAs & other acronyms that I don’t give a hoot about. They did mention low water & dam 17% of normal which I didn’t really understand but doesn’t sound encouraging.

I found something really delish to make my morning snack. But everybody yelled at me not to eat that Sun Dried Salmon. It might make me sick. But it smelled soooooooooooooo good. I did the responsible thing however. Practiced my Leave It Skills. It was hard tho.

Then we walked further along the River & up into the park area where golfers were playing. I didn’t get a real good look but I know golfers when I see & hear ’em. They all pretty much look & sound the same. Whack. Whack. Dam.

We wandered into the Natural Trail area where some grumpy people said . . . No dogs allowed. Then the Ranger came out & told us the Nature Trail is for Nature. Well if K9s aren’t a part of Nature, then we must be part of the Human Community. We should be getting the Franchise anytime now.

We took some pix of the River Dry & of the Dry Lake on the other side of the Big Dam up the crick a ways. People on the news say every day & over & over . . . Drought is imminent. To these K9 eyes & instincts, drought is here & humans shoulda started conserving H2O a long long time ago. What do they think about with all their High IQs & Artificial Intelligence, Computer Generated Modeling & Expert Opinionation? Sometimes I swear I don’t know how humans got to the top of the Food Chain & stayed too long. Shear overwhelming #s I guess. OpalK9 OTJ

PS: To Gov. Moonbeam. Save the Delta. Stop the Tunnels. Declare a State of Drought Emergency.











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